Far Fire

The Far Fire in Majula.

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Bonfire is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II. They are the main checkpoints of the game.

General informationEdit

Whenever a player rests at a bonfire, the player's health fully recharges, all negative status effects are removed and most enemies will respawn with full health unless having been killed 12 times, in which case they stop respawning.

Resting at a bonfire also recharges all the player's Estus Flasks and spell charges. When a player lights or rests at a bonfire, they set that bonfire as their spawn point in case of future deaths. Resting is prevented if there are phantoms in the world or enemies get too near.

Additionally, all of the player's gear (weapons, armor and rings) durability is restored to their maximum condition, even those which are not currently equipped. Weapons that are already broken won't be repaired.

Unlike in Dark Souls, all lit bonfires can be warped to at any point in the game, save for primal bonfires. Homeward Bones, the Aged Feather and the Homeward miracle teleport the player back to the bonfire they previously rested at. This respawns enemies but doesn't restore health, estus or gear durability.


The player can perform certain actions while resting at a bonfire:

  • Travel to any lit bonfire.
  • Burn a Human Effigy or Bonfire Ascetic for various effects.
  • Attune spells for the player to use.
  • Manage inventory box.
  • The Far Fire bonfire in Majula is special, and gives the player unique actions.

Torches can be lit at any normal bonfire without resting.

Primal BonfireEdit

Primal bonfires are special bonfires that are found in a large cube shaped room after defeating each of the Old Ones. They differ from regular bonfires in both appearance and function. The "sword" sticking from the pile of undead bones is broken, and they can only be used to teleport the player back to Majula, and will not repair weapons and restore health. Since using them doesn't count as resting, they don't disqualify the player on a "no bonfire" run. Locations are:

  1. Sinners' Rise - After defeating The Lost Sinner.
  2. Black Gulch - After defeating The Rotten.
  3. Iron Keep - After defeating the Old Iron King.
  4. Brightstone Cove Tseldora - After defeating The Duke's Dear Freja.


A total of 77 Bonfires are spread across Drangleic. 19 of them are found within The Lost Crowns DLCs. Ascending a bonfire will respawn its respective boss.

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