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Players resting at a bonfire.

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A Bonfire is a typical resting station in Dark Souls and a crucial gameplay element.

Bonfires are located throughout the world in Dark Souls. They are where players spend souls to level up; bonfires also serve as checkpoints throughout Lordran. They are almost always safe enemy-free areas, although there are exceptions.

While glimpses of other players' spirits can be seen running about the world, only near bonfires can players see others in their true forms.

Resting at a bonfire

When a player rests at a bonfire, their health and stamina refill, along with their spells and Estus Flask, and all negative effects on the player (bleed, poison and toxic) are removed except Curse. Players may not rest at a bonfire if there are enemies nearby. From the bonfire, a player can perform many tasks.

Level Up

Allows the player to level up their character with the souls they've gathered. Souls required for Level Up increases each time the player's level gets higher.

Reinforce Weapon

Allows the player to upgrade weapons and shields with the requisite upgrade materials and the required Souls needed. To do this, they must first get the Weapon Smithbox.

Reinforce Armor

Allows the player to upgrade armor with materials like above. To do this, they must first get the Armor Smithbox. Keep in mind that weapons cannot be Ascended at a Bonfire, only Blacksmiths can do that.

Repair Equipment

Allows the player to repair weapons and armor with Souls. To do this, they must first get the Repairbox and the required number of Souls.

Attune magic

Allows the player to select several sorceries, miracles and pyromancies to carry with them. The player must first find the appropriate sorcery/miracle/pyromancy to attune it. The amount of spells that can be attuned is based on the player's Attunement level.

Access Bottomless Box

Allows the player to store weapons, armor and items infinitely and carry them over to other Bonfires. To do this, the Bottomless Box must first be purchased.


Allows the player to warp to other major Bonfires they have located anywhere in Lordran after the Lordvessel has been received. These are mainly Boss-Bonfires, Bonfires protected by Fire Keepers, Covenant-Bonfires and the Lordvessel itself (after it's been placed).


Bonfire Kindle stages

Stages of kindling

Allows the player to kindle the bonfire by sacrificing one Humanity to gain more estus flasks when resting at that bonfire.

Reverse Hollowing

Revives the player back to Human at the cost of one Humanity.


Upon resting at a bonfire, all enemies (unless otherwise specified) respawn and all traps reset. Players also refill five Estus Flasks. Players may kindle bonfires using Humanity in order to receive additional amounts of Estus Flasks (one humanity per kindling, can be kindled up to three times, up to 20 Estus Flasks collected). Bonfires may only be kindled past 10 after players obtain the Rite of Kindling. Kindling a bonfire is a permanent action and carries through to NG+ and beyond. Kindling a bonfire while online may give other players in other worlds who have last rested at the same bonfire one extra Estus charge. This allows players to exceed the usual limit of 20 Estus.

Some bonfires have a fire keeper. Killing a fire keeper will put out the bonfire permanently until the next playthrough; players will be unable to relight it, the only exception being the Firelink Shrine bonfire, as its Fire Keeper can be revived.

When killed, the player will respawn at the bonfire previously rested at, not the closest bonfire. If no bonfire has been rested at the player is returned to their cell in the Northern Undead Asylum. If Firelink Shrine has been reached, the player respawns at the bonfire in Firelink Shrine instead of their cell in the Northern Undead Asylum.

Using the miracle Homeward, or the item Homeward Bone, will teleport the player back to the last bonfire he/she rested at. This counts as resting at the bonfire, so all spell casts will be recharged, Estus refilled, enemies respawned etc.

Bonfire locations

Northern Undead Asylum

  • In the courtyard before the area where the Asylum Demon ambushes the Chosen Undead.
  • In a sewer, immediately after the initial Asylum Demon ambush.


  • Depths (warping point)
    • Behind a locked wooden door, guarded by a torch carrying Hollow, in the corridor with the falling Slimes.
  • Blighttown
    • Beyond the tunnel that connects to the Depths, on a bridge between giant supporting stone pillars.
    • On the bottom level, in a tunnel leading off of the poison Swamp.
  • Ash Lake
    • Shortly after arriving from The Great Hollow.
    • Stone Dragon (warping point) - At the very end of the long path, in front of the Stone Dragon.
  • Painted World of Ariamis (warping point)
    • At the beginning, before entering the fortress. Can only warp to, but not from, the Bonfire.
  • The Catacombs
    • Next to the first switch and guarded by a Necromancer.
    • Behind an illusory wall beside the ladder to the switch controlling the second bridge.
  • The Duke's Archives
    • Beyond the corridors guarded by the two Armored Tusks, at the bottom of the lift.
    • In a prison cell, after being defeated during the first encounter with Seath the Scaleless at the top of the Archives. Cannot warp from Bonfire.
    • The Duke's Archives (warping point) - On a balcony, towards the back end of the Archives, overlooking the inner gardens containing Crystal Golems.
  • Firelink Altar
    • The altar itself acts as a Bonfire and grants a capacity of 20 Estus Flasks when rested at without the requirement of kindling.


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