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For the Dark Souls III covenant, see Blue Sentinels (Dark Souls III).

The Blue Sentinels is a covenant in Dark Souls II, devoted to protecting members of the Way of Blue covenant and invading worlds of those who have sinned. The covenant operates much like the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant from Dark Souls.

Requirements [edit | edit source]

Must speak with Blue Sentinel Targray in the Cathedral of Blue with a Token of Fidelity in your inventory.

How to join[edit | edit source]

Talk to Blue Sentinel Targray. He is located in the Cathedral of Blue, directly after the Old Dragonslayer boss fight. The player must have successfully assisted another player in killing a boss by using the White Sign Soapstone and receiving a Token of Fidelity or find the one in Huntsman's Copse along with a Pharros' Lockstone on a broken pillar or the one dropped by the red phantoms if you use a ascetic on the blue cathedral bonfire or the heide's ruin bonfire (both drop one), otherwise Blue Sentinel Targray will simply dismiss the player. Additionally, using a Bonfire Ascetic in Heide will allow red phantom Blue Sentinels to spawn that drop three Tokens of Fidelity.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Rank Victories Rewards
+0 -

Guardian's Seal

+1 50

Spirit Tree Shield

Slight Blue Aura while in blue phantom form

+2 150

Wrath of the Gods

Strong Blue Aura while in blue phantom form

+3 500 Bountiful Sunlight

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Talking to Blue Sentinel Targray after achieving rank 3 in the covenant will cause him to give the player his armor set.
  • As Rank increases, the blue aura that surrounds the player when invading will become more prominent.
  • Killing Targray will automatically kick you out of the covenant, but temporarily resurrecting him through his gravestone will let you re-join the covenant.
  • While ordinary invaders receive souls by killing the host, the only way for Arbiter Spirits to gain souls is by killing phantoms and dark spirits summoned by or invading the host.
  • Winning the sparring arena counts towards ranking.

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Dark Souls II - Blue Sentinels Covenant

Achievements[edit | edit source]

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