The Blood of the Dark Soul is a key item in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City.

In-Game Description

Blood of the dark soul that seeped from the hole within Slave Knight Gael.
Used as pigment by his lady in Ariandel to depict a painted world.
When Gael came upon the pygmy lords, he discovered that their blood had long ago dried, and so consumed the dark soul.


Dropped by Slave Knight Gael.


Give to the Painter to trigger dialogue between herself and the Ashen One.


The Painter will thank the player for giving her the blood and states that she will paint a new world with it. She will then ask the player to state their name. The player is given the option of saying their name, or to say that they don't have one. If the player chooses the first option, then the Painter will name the new world after the player. If the second option option is chosen, she will comment on how the Ashen One is very much like her, and chooses to simply name the world "Ash".

Regardless of the option chosen, the Painter will say that the world will "be a cold, dark and very gentle place," and how it will make someone a goodly home.

Talking to her after this event will trigger a small piece of extra dialogue where she wonders when Gael will return, unaware of his death at your hands.

This has no effect on the ending of the game.

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