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Mr.kin9 Mr.kin9 28 May 2021




(ds3 jojo mod)

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OrnsteinAndSmough1 OrnsteinAndSmough1 28 April 2021

Chosen Undead Theory

Hey guys this is my theory on the Chosen Undead, I think in my respective opinion that the Chosen Undead is trapped in a version of hell, this is brought on by the fact that every time you die you respawn at the last rested bonfire, now unlike Dark Souls most games would send you back to the last saved point in the game, so this shows that the player is meant to pay for their sins in the trials of killing the Lords of Cinder and ringing both Bells of Awakening, so we'll start off with the character setup screen, when you create a new character the knight class is already selected, now with most games that have a character classes there isn't one already selected for you, this brings me to my first conclusion, the Chosen Undead was a part o…

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Wanda D. Tommy Wanda D. Tommy 13 March 2021

Dark Souls ll, i need some help

English down in the post, thank u!

Hey gente, gracias por leer, hace años he buscado ayuda sobre este mismo tema en Dark Souls ll y no he encontrado respuesta alguna que me ayude con ello, muy bien directo al grano, ; pues que creen, intente varios hechizos e incluso fui con un personaje mago que tengo y nada.

¿Alguien ha abierto esas puertas?


Yeah so basically...

i need help open this two blue dors in drangleic castel, i been playing this game 4 years now and idk how to open them.

thanks 4 reading this post guys!

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Simpoverdose956 Simpoverdose956 4 January 2021


plz help me

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Rickmartingamer Rickmartingamer 31 December 2020

Dark Souls III Port Forwarding Detailed Guide

Dark Souls III is an action role-playing game developed and published by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2016. Like its previous predecessors, Dark Souls III puts the player in the middle of a fast-paced setup. While the obstacles and challenges may seem simple, they’re intentionally designed to make it harder for you to progress each time. Complementing a semi-story mode are a bunch of essential gameplay elements, such as inventory management and a deep leveling system. However, you can enjoy the game and make it a bit easier for yourself to play with other players using the multiplayer mode. Dark Souls III port forwarding can make this process a lot easier and more enjoyable. Read on below to learn how.

  • 1 Getting Started With Dark…

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9𐍃 9𐍃 2 August 2020

3D Viewer

Good day everyone. I know this is probably quite late to be implemented, but I would like some feedback on an idea I had that can hopefully improve the wiki's viewing experience. As the title suggests, that idea is integrating a 3D model viewer to embed in wiki pages, mainly characters, enemies and bosses. The integration in question is the Sketchfab model viewer, they're basically the YouTube or Google of 3D models, the best quality and highly trusted.

  • 1 The Fun Part
    • 1.1 The render viewer
    • 1.2 Textures
    • 1.3 Wireframe
    • 1.4 Bones
  • 2 The Boring Part
    • 2.1 Integration
    • 2.2 Future Stuff
    • 2.3 Systems

The models and files are already in my possession, and I already tested the integration personally. Here's a few examples inside Fandom (the actual viewer is capable of much…

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Kunai800 Kunai800 4 May 2020

overabundance of multi health-bar bosses

There are too many bosses in dark souls 3 with multiple health bars.

Note. I am not whinging because they are "too hard" or because I can't beat them. I'm complaining because it makes the ones that should have it less special. The soul of cinder should absolutely have his second health-bar. Not simply to make it harder, but for a deeper reason. One of the most important things about a boss fight is learning they're moves and atacks and how to deal with them. To those who may not know, the soul of cinder's second phase replaces his moveset with Gwyn's from dark souls 1. The majority of other multi health bar bosses use their first phase to show their essential moves, and the rest of their phases to expand on those moves. You see the moves, u…

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Dirtyturtles Dirtyturtles 31 October 2019

Bloodborne is the hardest From Software game

The reason I say bloodborne is the hardest in a Dark Souls Wiki is because there seems to be a lot of videos that suggest that Dark Souls 3 is the hardest but if I were just to say the Dark Souls games I would say the original Dark Souls is the hardest with this being said back to the topic of why Bloodborne is the hardest I did take into note about Dark Souls 3 and Orignal Dark Souls DLC's but if you take into account that Bloodbornes dlc final boss Orphan of Kos and The Chalice Dungeons has to put people on edge and you may be saying no DLC's just the main game than if you look at the main games achievements beating the chalice dungeons is a requirement which means you have to go through several annoying chalices that look almost identic…

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Artoriasfan345 Artoriasfan345 24 October 2019

What is the best invasion weapon for Dark Souls 3. My main weapon is the Black Knight Greataxe because the AR and moveset is godly.

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Heyo13qak Heyo13qak 21 August 2019

Mendicant staff ds3

Can someone give me the mendicant staff in ds3, I'm using it to get the sunlight shield for my solaire build.

If you have a spare mendicant staff or spare sunlight shield, or unwanted mendicant staff or unwanted sunlight shield, please message me on ps4 my username is 'homertyhytgh'

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