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Bleed is a negative status effect caused by weapons, spells, or attacks from certain enemies within the game.


Upon being inflicted with the status effect, a bar will appear on the player's HUD indicating the current level of buildup. Once the bar is filled up, the Blood Loss effect will proc, inflicting 15% of the player's health bar as damage, then shortly resetting to allow Bleed to build up again. Additional bonus damage upon Bleed proc is also inflicted, depending on the specific type of Bleed used (whether the weapon has innate Bleed buildup, if Carthus Rouge was applied, if the weapon is Blood-infused).

The amount of Bleed inflicted by weapons wielded by the player is influenced by Luck.


Because damage is expressed as a percentage of the target's maximum HP, Bleed is very powerful against opponents with large health pools but weak resistance to the status effect. In particular, it is very strong against bosses that are not immune to the effect, such as Dancer of the Boreal Valley and the Demon Prince.

Against players, it is useful in invasions to apply pressure to foes, threatening them with sudden tremendous amounts of damage if they continue to fight. However, building specifically for Bleed is not recommended, as such builds often sacrifice the raw attack power of a weapon, which in turn can cause damage output to decrease or break even when compared to simply using a standard build.

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