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Visual effects of Blood Loss
For other uses, see Bleed (disambiguation).

Aux Bleed Bleed is a negative status effect, auxiliary effect and damage type in Dark Souls.

General information[]

Bleed deals between 30%-50% of the victim's total health. (does not apply with Bosses.)

Build up[]

When the Bleed effect occurs a build-up bar will appear in the middle of the screen. Blood Loss will take effect when the bleed meter fills up. The size of the bar is determined by the amount of resistance to bleed the player has.


Once the bleed bar is full, the blood loss effect takes place. based on a percentage of the victim's total health, typically 30%, but 50% when weapons associated with Priscilla are used. This is also applied to enemies in the same amount, but with bosses the amount inflicted is smaller, but still substantial.


  • Bleed damage can be avoided by rolling the moment when the Bleed meter fills.



Bleed buildup slowly decreases with time, and can also be cured with the items Bloodred Moss Clump and Divine Blessing, or through the use of the Remedy sorcery. Resting at a bonfire also cures buildup.


Investing in the Endurance stat while leveling up increases the player's intrinsic Bleed Resist.



Of the starting armor sets, the Thief Set offers the best Bleed Resist.

As with defense against other negative status effects, light armor sets generally offer the best Bleed resistance.  The Chester's Set offers excellent protection against Bleed.  The Dingy Set, Gold-Hemmed Black Set and Shadow Set are also good alternatives.

Amongst the medium armor sets the Catarina Set, Channeler's Set, Ornstein's Set and Paladin Set are good choices for Bleed resistance.

Despite offering little resistance against other status effects, heavy armor sets can offer high Bleed resistance.  The best amongst them are Smough's Set and the upgraded Black Iron Set.

Individual armor pieces that have the highest Bleed Resist when fully upgraded are the Gargoyle HelmSage Robe, Smough's Gauntlets, and either Blood-Stained Skirt or Maiden Skirt, totalling 163.7 Bleed Resist.


The Bloodbite Ring increases resistance by 400% of the character's intrinsic Bleed Resist and is not affected by armor; however, it does stack with weapons and shields that affect Bleed Resist.


The Bloodshield offers excellent Bleed resistance and is the only shield to offer defense against this negative status effect.


The Gargoyle's Halberd and Gargoyle Tail Axe offer some resistance to Bleed and are the only weapons to do so.


The following is a list of weapons that have the Bleed auxiliary effect.

Weapon Buildup Damage Percentage
Bandit's Knife 30 30%
Barbed Straight Sword 33 30%
Chaos Blade 36 30%
Claw 36 30%
Flamberge 36 30%
Gold Tracer 40 30%
Great Scythe 36 30%
Iaito 33 30%
Jagged Ghost Blade 30 30%
Lifehunt Scythe
50 50%
Lifehunt Scythe
40 50%
Morning Star 33 30%
Notched Whip 33 30%
Painting Guardian Sword 30 30%
Priscilla's Dagger 20 50%
Reinforced Club 30 30%
Spiked Shield 33 30%
Uchigatana 33 30%
Washing Pole 30 30%


The following is a list of characters, enemies and bosses that can inflict Bleed.

Infliction Source Buildup Damage Percentage
Crystal General 50 50%
Forest Hunter Thief 30 30%
Kirk, Knight of Thorns 33 30%
Lord's Blade Ciaran 40 30%
Marvelous Chester 100 32%
Shiva's Bodyguard 33 30%
Undead Male Merchant 42 42%
Xanthous King, Jeremiah 33 30%
Abyss Attack Dog 30 17%
Attack Dog 30 17%
Giant Skeleton Swordsman 33 22%
Hollow Thief 39 32%
Painting Guardian 30 30%
Serpent Mage 45 68%
Skeleton Swordsman 30 17%
Wooden Scarecrow - Scissor Wielding ??? ???
Crossbreed Priscilla 80 60%

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