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"If thou seeketh to explore this domain, be wary of a black dragon. I fear thee no match for this terrible beast."
Hawkeye Gough

Black Dragon Kalameet (Japanese: 黒竜カラミット) is a boss in Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss.


The player first encounters Kalameet on the second stone bridge in Royal Wood.

Kalameet can be confronted opposite the Colosseum where Knight Artorias is fought. Beyond some Abyss Attack Dogs lies a ladder running parallel to a waterfall. Shortly after moving into the clearing, Kalameet will fly through the canyon and breathe black fire at the Chosen Undead. After this attack, speaking to Hawkeye Gough will convince him to shoot down Kalameet, so players can properly engage in battle on the ground. It is not necessary to be struck by the attack in order to receive Gough's help, only that Kalameet performs it.

It is possible to kill Kalameet without Gough's help. However, doing so will take an inordinately long time and a very large amount of arrows and the player will not receive any souls as a reward. 


After Gough shoots Kalameet down, the Royal Wood (including the arena where players fought Knight Artorias) becomes Kalameet's summoning area. While white phantoms become available for summoning (usually at the beginning of the Royal Wood, near Oolacile Sanctuary), it means that red phantoms may invade again also.


Dark Souls[]

Kalameet is a descendant of the primordial archdragons[1].

Due to the appearance of "Disparity" and Souls following the ignition of the First Flame[2] that allowed the evolution of life[3], Kalameet was born with unique characteristics compared to the original archdragons as he possessed a single orange eye[4], the ability to produce a high frequency noise which doubles the damage received by targets hit by this attack[5] and an obsidian hide[1] that makes him not only able to resist magic and fire like other dragons[6] but even lightning which was their weak point[7].

Thanks to his extraordinary strength, Kalameet managed to survive the extermination of the Dragons caused by the Lords during the war[2] and survived throughout the Age of Fire[1]. At some point, after Oolacile was corrupted by the Abyss of Manus[8], the dragon took up residence in the area[9], and not even the mighty warriors left in Anor Londo dared to provoke his ire[10].

However, at a certain point, a Chosen Undead who ended up in Oolacile decided to challenge the black dragon and after a legendary battle managed to defeat him[10]. From his tail they formed an Obsidian Greatsword infused with the mystical power of the dragon[1] and with his orange eye they created an enchanted ring that doubled the damaged received by its wearer[4].

Dark Souls II[]

Dragon Knight - 01

The Dragon Knightss adorned with armor and weapons crafted from the body of Kalameet.

Although Kalameet was defeated and killed, a group of knights found his corpse and used his scales to create armor close to the appearance of the dragon[11], while they used his talons to craft shields[12] and his tail to forge several legendary weapons[13]. As the centuries passed, the Black Dragon became considered a mere legend[11] in which he was defeated by a brave warrior in a magnificent battle and that his tail was used to forge legendary weapons[13]. In the region of Drangleic the name of Kalameet has been long lost and, while the legend of the pale dragon is told in various locales even if each account is fragmentary, the Black Dragon is rarely mentioned and some even say that it is only an an embellishment adopted in later retellings of the story[12].

Despite this, the group of knights known as the Dragon Knight who wore armor forged from the scales of Kalameet[14] and used weapons created from his tail[15] continued to exist and at some point arrived in Drangleic and settled in the Dragon Shrine[16]. The group of knights would also join the covenant of the Dragon Remnants[17], apostles who venerated the primordial creatures and desired the perpetuity of their existence, seeking their scales to rise above their limited human existence[18]. This group used the Dragon Eyes to invade the space and time of other knights and challenge them to claim their dragon scales[19], rewarding the best among them with the stones infused with the powers of the dragons to try to achieve transformation and the ancient Black Dragon Greatsword forged with Kalameet's tail[20].

Dark Souls III[]

Calamity Ring (DSIII)

The last vestige of Kalameet.

Although the calamitous ring created with the eye of Kalameet had no useful power and was actually only dangerous, the artifact continued to be passed down for thousands of years as a symbol of dragon worship. Its most fervent adherents even becoming convinced that the task of preserving it had been bestowed upon them as a sacred duty[21].

Like many other artifacts and beings connected to the ancient dragons, the ring of Kalameet also ended up at Archdragon Peak[22], a place where the remnants of the men-serpents and the dragon worshippers had gathered to venerate the primordial beings[23][24] and attempted to achieve their perfect shape using stones imbued with the power of everlasting dragons[25]. The ring was thus kept in front of the statue of one of those who, in meditation, had managed to partially achieve the draconic transformation[26].


  • Its is possible to theorize that as some point Kalameet was corrupted by the Abyss of Manus as his body shows signs of corruption with his scales that appear covered in a oily substance and his wings that appear consumed[27] and in addition his flames deal both magic and physical damage [28] just like abyssal sorceries and pyromancies[29].


  • When arriving at the top of the waterfall for the first time, there will be no fog door.
  • If Kalameet is killed without Gough's help, Gough will have different dialogue towards the player.


  • One of the most important things to note about Black Dragon Kalameet is that his "fire breath" is actually dark sorcery-based. It deals both magic and physical damage and deals high stability damage. As such, instead of fire defense, players should increase their physical and magic defense.
  • Blocking Kalameet's fire breath is ill-advised: the magic damage will strike through the shield, damaging the player. Weaker shields will cause the player to have their guard broken, taking more damage than what the player would have initially taken. Only greatshields should be used to block Kalameet's fire breath and only Havel's Greatshield can reliably block it. Other options include the Cleansing Greatshield and the Stone Greatshield, but these can sometimes have their guard broken if the player is not careful in managing their stamina.
  • Kalameet is resistant to all elements including being resistant to lightning damage (Lightning damage is supposed be effective against dragons but this is not the case, probably because of his peculiar body, so it is best to avoid lightning weapons as well as offensive miracles such as Lightning Spear). Therefore, it is recommended that players use purely physical weapons.
  • With the proper timing, all of Kalameet's attacks can be avoided with fast rolling.
  • Strafing to Kalameet's left is generally safest, as it is harder for his often-used Head Strike to hit the player.

Killing without Gough's help[]

  • Full Havel's Armor or Stone Armor (high poise)
  • Shield with high Physical and Magic defense and high stability (Havel's Greatshield, Cleansing Greatshield, Stone Greatshield).
  • Gough's Greatbow (just to kill Kalameet) or Dragonslayer Greatbow (to get special dialogue) with Gough's Great Arrows.
  • Hawk Ring could help, but only to get farther back, since it just adds range. Better ring choices would be Leo (for counter thrust damage (untested if Kalameet's fire gets counter damage))/Spell Stoneplate (Magic Def if lacking)/Steel Protection (phys def if lacking)/Favor and Protection (Stamina)/Cloranthy (Stamina regen (for low stamina))/Havel's (for that weight you're carrying)/Wolf (if you really think you need max poise).
  • The left side of the waterfall seems to have more spots with less fire hitboxes (a few spots only have one to block with whatever shield you have).
  • The spells Great Magic Shield and Great Magic Barrier could seriously help in this situation. Great Magic Shield would let you use shields with less stability than Havel's and a lighter weight. Only problem is any time you two hand the bow, Great Magic Shield will disenchant from your shield. Great Magic Barrier could help greatly to null out that residual 10% magic damage that no shield can block down to roughly 1.5-0.5% magic damage, though it has few casts and costs a lot of faith.
  • If you have it and are willing to swap weapons every time you block, the Moonlight Greatsword adds 40 points of magic defense when equipped (and out).
  • Power Within would be a little risky for this fight, only good if you really know where to block from and know for sure you will only block one hit from Kalameet's fire, where you will have space to heal and keep yourself topped off.

Obsidian Greatsword[]

Severing Kalameet's tail and obtaining the Obsidian Greatsword can often prove more challenging than the battle itself, as the dragon's tail is mostly out of reach throughout the fight. His tail has 540 health on Ng and 847 health on NG+.

  • The tail becomes vulnerable to attack after Kalameet performs his Tail Smash, which is triggered when player is positioned under the tip of his tail, or during the Close Range Flame, which is triggered when standing directly in front of him. Of these, the Tail Smash leaves the tail most vulnerable.
    • It is recommended to use high damage attacks such as Great Combustion, Dark Bead, or weapon augmentations when performing this strategy, since it's unlikely to get more than 2 hits per opportunity.
  • Because the tail is almost always out of reach, it is recommended to use Halberds to cut it, as is with all tails.
  • As with most other boss tail weapons, obtaining the sword can be much easier with the help of a phantom.

Boss information[]


Hellfire Sweep[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? ??? - - Physical / Magic No No Medium

Used only if the player attempts to enter the gorge before having Hawkeye Gough shoot down Kalameet. Kalameet flies overhead and bathes the entire area in flame then flies away. He will continue to use this attack as long as the player stays in the gorge.

Straight Flame[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? ??? - - Physical / Magic No No Medium

Triggered when at long range, Black Dragon Kalameet will direct his flames toward the player. This does not track, so it can be easily avoided. Being caught in the flame will often result in a stun-lock, fatal outcome. Blocking will result in a guard break unless the player has a strong shield and high stamina. Kalameet may stunlock the player and use this attack between 1-3 times in a row which will result in a quick death.

Sweeping Flame[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? ??? - - Physical / Magic No No Medium

When the player is in medium range of Black Dragon Kalameet, he will breath a surge of his flame, sweeping it from his left to his right. This is a good opportunity to rush and strike him where he is open, but blocking is also possible.

Close Range Flame[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? ??? - - Physical / Magic No No Medium

When the player is under Kalameet's head, he will stand on his back legs and breath fire in a large area right in front of him. A safe spot is to rush under his head or between his legs.

Rising Inferno[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? ??? - - Physical / Magic No No Medium

Triggered when the player is very close and is one of Black Dragon Kalameet's most devastating attacks. He will fly upwards into the air and hover, before breathing fire directly below him. The flame spreads in a circular pattern from the impact point and deals an extreme amount of damage. Running away is recommended, although blocking is also possible with greatshields. Shields will take two hits in close proximity and a single hit further away.

This can be particularly frustrating, due to the lock-on breaking right at the edge of the danger zone. This causes players trying to run away to turn back into the line-of-fire, or blocking players to turn their backs to the flames. The best way to prevent the lock-on from breaking is to back away from Kalameet as soon as possible. Blocking players may choose to simply stand their ground to avoid breaking the lock. This can also be avoided by simply unlocking and running, or continually rolling away when Kalameet shows signs of the attack.

Flame Feint[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? ??? - - Physical / Magic No No Medium

Kalameet will lunge past the player and once behind them turn around to sweep the area in front of him with fire. When Kalameet lunges however he will usually go far past the player, making the latter part of the attack harmless. Players can take this opportunity to heal or cast spells. If the player stands in the way when Kalameet lunges they can still take considerable damage from the collision.

If a wall is behind the player, it will stop Black Dragon Kalameet's progress, leaving him in the player's near vicinity. This is extremely unsafe, as it will put the player in a position where escaping the flame is not possible.

Head Strike[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No Partial Horizontal Medium

When the player is near, Kalameet will swing with his head from his right side to his left, using his snout as a spear. He may afterwards follow up with a swing in the reverse direction. This can be blocked, however. Due to Kalameet's long neck, the second swing has a tendency to strike the player in the back if they are too close.

His right flank is safe during this and leaves him open for attack.

Foot Stomp[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No None Medium

When the player is too close to Kalameet's anterior underside, he will stomp his feet. These stomps don't reach out to the player, so just not being directly under Black Dragon Kalameet is enough to avoid this attack.

Tail Smash[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No Horizontal Medium

Black Dragon Kalameet will attempt to crush players with his tail if they remain underneath or behind him long enough. Kalameet's tail will remain on the ground for several seconds, providing one of the best opportunities to cut his tail off.

Tail Sweep[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No Horizontal Medium

Rush Strike[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No No Fast

Similar to the Head Strike, but without the follow up and covers a greater distance; Black Dragon Kalameet will lunge forward, swiping the player with his head and claw. This attack can be surprising, as he throws it very fast and from a rather long distance. Blocking is possible, but will greatly push the player back.

Evasive Tail Whip[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No No Medium

Black Dragon Kalameet will speedily rotate in a full circle, swinging his tail at the player while jumping away. The actual tail sweep comes late, making difficult to time dodges correctly.

This is similar to Great Grey Wolf Sif's attack.

Swooping Charge[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No No Medium

Black Dragon Kalameet will rise off the ground before charging at the player. Players can take damage from the swoop itself, by being under Black Dragon Kalameet when he lands, or by both in succession.

Kalameet is most likely to use Tail Smash or Tail Sweep after this attack.

Mark of Calamity[]

Dmg phy Magic Damage Fire Damage Lightning Damage Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
??? - - - Physical No No Medium

Black Dragon Kalameet's signature move. He will rise on his hind legs while the crest on his head glows intensely and produces a high frequency noise. If captured the player will then levitate in front of Kalameet and receive some damage. Afterwards, the player will have the Mark of Calamity for about 60 seconds, during which they will receive twice as much damage. Players can avoid this by running away as soon as he begins to stand.


Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
468 374 468 468 900 900 762 S S A

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Calamity Ring
Calamity Ring
Wpn Obsidian Greatsword
Obsidian Greatsword
Drop Rate Guaranteed Sever Tail


  • Physical defenses: Regular 156, Slash 156, Strike 136, Thrust 156 (raw entity data, for comparison only)
  • Elemental defenses: Magic 300, Fire 300, Lightning 254 (raw entity data, for comparison only)
  • Status defenses: Poison 999, Toxic 999, Bleed 333 (raw entity data, for comparison only)


  • While the crest on Kalameet's head is referred to as an eye and consequentially being called the "one-eyed black dragon", Kalameet in fact has two "normal" red eyes on either side of his head. This is never addressed in-game.
  • If you kill him without Gough's help, he will have a special Dialogue.



Dark Souls — Kalameet by Motoi Sakuraba


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