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Black Dragon Gauntlets
Physical Defense 48 Poise 0
Strike Defense 47 Poison Resist 22
Slash Defense 49 Bleed Resist 31
Thrust Defense 48 Petrify Resist 25
Magic Defense 17 Curse Resist 25
Fire Defense 38
Lightning Defense 18 Durability 225
Dark Defense 17 Weight 1.8
Required & Bonus Attributes
Required Strength Required Dexterity Required Intelligence Required Faith Physical Defense Bonus
Type Hands Armor

The Black Dragon Gauntlets are a hands armor piece in Dark Souls II.
They are part of the Black Dragon Set.

In-Game Description

Eerily-shaped gauntlets spoken of in legend, crafted with scales of the Black Dragon.
The Black Dragon was long considered a mere legend, but these prove its existence.


The gauntlets are automatically equipped upon usage of the Dragon Torso Stone, along with the rest of the Black Dragon Set. They can only be removed by dying.