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Birch Women are enemies in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.


Birch Women are silent enemies that resemble a tree with feminine features that blend themselves into the environment. They are, in fact, trees, but are capable of slowly moving and attack in different ways. If the player is not in their aggro range, they will stand still and, even if triggered, they will attack silently, better from behind the player's shoulders, trying not to be located. Indeed, sometimes it can be hard to locate one of them because they are almost perfectly camouflaged in the wilderness.

Near the first bonfire there are some non-hostile specimens.


All Birch Women can do a grab attack that instantly Frostbites the player and inflicts high damage.

There are two main types of these enemies:

Birch Woman "Pyromancer"[]

This White Tree can be identified by the little fireballs lying on its branches. It will unleash these fireballs if triggered and they will follow the player until they strike them or a solid surface. If all fireballs reach the player, they will inflict a noticeable amount of damage or a heavy stamina drain.

Birch Woman "Cryomancer"[]

This type of Birch Woman is especially dangerous because, as they have no fireballs attached to their branches, they blend perfectly in the environment. It attacks silently with a flood of ice that inflicts Frostbite build-up and a fairly high damage. It can also stretch its branches to strike the player from a distance.

Versions of this enemy that use both forms of combat are located in the Depths of The Painting.


Birch Women are only found in the Painted World of Ariandel.


The real threat provided by these enemies is their camouflage. It is possible to determine whether a Birch Woman is dangerous by looking directly at the hair on their heads. If the hair stands still, it is not an enemy, but if it move slightly because of the wind, then it is an enemy.

Even though they are slow enemies, they must not be underestimated because they are often found near other faster enemies, such as Wolves. They provide ranged support for these enemies, and can be problematic if not dealt with.

As soon as a Birch Woman is recognized, the player can simply run and kill it. The player shouldn't be greedy; attack them from behind, as to prevent their grab attack. In about three to four hits they should be down. If they are hit with Fire damage, they will catch fire and scream, becoming incapacitated.

Another suggested strategy is throwing an Alluring Skull down on the earth. The fireballs cast by the Birch Woman Pyromancer will follow the skull instead of the player, allowing the player to attack safely.


Item Alluring Skull
Alluring Skull
Drop Rate ???


  • Fireballs are affected by Alluring Skulls.
  • There is a Birch Woman who guards the Snap Freeze spell that seems to be more aggressive than the rest.