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Big Hat Logan (ビッグハット ローガン Biggu Hatto Ro-gan), seeker of knowledge, is mentor to Griggs of Vinheim and an advanced sorcery trainer in Dark Souls. He is voiced by Ian Thompson.


  1. Caged in Sen's Fortress behind a destructible wall (can be broken by a Serpent Soldier, a strong weapon, or rolling a boulder down the middle groove).
  2. In Firelink Shrine beside Griggs.
  3. Prison in the Duke's Archives.
  4. Library in the Duke's Archives, near the room leading to the Crystal Cave.
  5. The arena of the first encounter with Seath the Scaleless.


Big hat logan sens fortess

Trapped in Sen's Fortress

Big Hat Logan is first encountered in Sen's Fortress. His cage is hidden behind a wall, which can be destroyed by manipulating the iron ball trap mechanism, using a powerful enough weapon, or goading the sleeping man-serpent guard to attack the wall. After freeing him with either the Cage Key or Master Key, Big Hat Logan thanks the player and later retreats to Firelink Shrine. There, he accompanies Griggs of Vinheim and offers to sell the player advanced Sorceries.

Big Hat Logan soon leaves Firelink Shrine after the Lordvessel has been obtained. He is then jailed in The Duke's Archives. Logan explains that he is there to study Seath the Scaleless and his magic. After freeing him with the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key, players can find Logan in an ancillary library close to the third bonfire in The Duke's Archives, where he sells Crystal Sorceries as well as his prior spells. Alternatively, if not freed by you by Seath's defeat, he will free himself and move to the library.

Unfortunately, Logan's infatuation with Seath's magic eventually drives him insane after Seath has been defeated and his entire stock of spells has been purchased. Speaking with him again, after the above conditions are met, will cause him to move to the large chamber where Seath the Scaleless was first encountered and become hostile.


Master Logan was a famous Sorcerer and a royal member of the Vinheim Dragon School before he turned Undead about one hundred years ago.[1] His nickname stems from the gigantic hat he wore which completely hid his face; he used it to block the noise and stares from those around him in order to focus his thoughts.[2] His weapon was once an ordinary catalyst employed by the Sorcerers of Vinheim, but it has since been strengthened due to lengthy use over time.[3] Similarly, his robe is one typically worn by apprentices at Dragon School.[4]

Logan is credited with having developed the Soul Spear Sorcery, among others,[5] which is referenced repeatedly in the legends and is said to be on par with Lord Gwyn's lightning.[6]

In his attempt to reach Anor Londo, presumably to gain access to The Duke's Archives and its vast store of endless knowledge, he became imprisoned in Sen's Fortress, where he first encounters the Chosen Undead.[7]


Big Hat Logan has a repertoire of dangerous Sorceries, including Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass. If attacked later in the game, he also possesses their augmented crystal variants. However, he is fairly fragile and can be killed before he deals too much damage.

If killed when encountered in Sen's Fortress or Firelink Shrine, he will not drop anything.


  • Big Hat's Set and Logan's Catalyst are found in a chest where he normally sits in The Duke's Archives after he goes insane and travels to the arena where Seath is first encountered. (The elevator is likely at the top of its shaft and the lever will need to be used to bring it back. It is recessed and hidden on the first floor.) The player must kill Logan then trigger a loading screen (either by logging out or using a Homeward Bone) to make the chest appear.
  • When Big Hat Logan is battled, he wears no clothes except for his big hat, because he has gone insane.
  • When spoken to in the Duke's Archives there is no Intelligence requirement to purchase his spells.


Logan will not sell anything to the player unless they have at least 15 Intelligence.

Sorcery Soul Arrow
Soul Arrow
Great Soul Arrow
Great Soul Arrow
Sorc Heavy Soul Arrow
Heavy Soul Arrow
Sorc Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Souls 1,000 6,000 2,000 8,000
Sorcery Sorc Homing Soulmass
Homing Soulmass
Soul Spear
Soul Spear
Sorc Magic Shield
Magic Shield
Sorc Magic Weapon
Magic Weapon
Souls 20,000 40,000 3,000 3,000
Sorcery Crystal Soul Spear
Crystal Soul Spear *
Sorc Crystal Magic Weapon
Crystal Magic Weapon *
Sorc Homing Crystal Soulmass
Homing Crystal Soulmass *
Souls 50,000 20,000 30,000

* Only available at The Duke's Archives

Character Information[]

Health and Souls[]

Health Souls
719 1,315 1,000 3,000


Encounter Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
Sen's Fortress 239 250 246 237 275 191 229 B B B
The Duke's Archives 268 280 275 266 307 218 255 B B B
The Duke's Archives (Insane) 146 148 148 144 186 134 152 D D D

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.



Item Big Hat
Big Hat
Cata Tin Crystallization Catalyst
Tin Crystallization Catalyst
Sorc White Dragon Breath
White Dragon Breath
Drop Rate Guaranteed

(Won't drop at Sen's Fortress)

(In The Duke's Archives)
(In The Duke's Archives)



  • Big Hat Logan seems to prefer sitting down in a meditative position, except for the first encounter when he's in a hanging jail cage.
  • If you get the Man-Serpent leaning against the wall next to the cage he is in, It will break, meaning you don't need to get the boulder trap to break it, with careful planning.
  • Logan shares many similarities with Sage Freke from Demon's Souls. Both are first found trapped in cages and rescued by the player. Both are preceded by apprentices looking for them, have an unhealthy fascination with magic, and are found sitting in the main hub area.
  • Rickert of Vinheim mentions to the player that Big Hat Logan is famous in Vinheim; however, he also mentions that Logan was from "a hundred years ago". Either Logan has remained sane for as long as he has been undead, or time warping in Lordran has brought Logan to a time where one does not belong.
  • When Logan is encountered hostile, he is not hollowed, but was driven insane in a more "traditional" sense. All other NPCs appear in their charred, undead forms when they attack players after hollowing.
  • If the player dies fighting against Big Hat Logan while in Seath's arena, the player will respawn in the prison as if they were killed by Seath himself.



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