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Benhart's Set
Benhart's Set
Physical Defense 292 Poise 49
Strike Defense 281 Poison Resist 76
Slash Defense 303 Bleed Resist 59
Thrust Defense 292 Petrify Resist 0
Magic Defense 67 Curse Resist 0
Fire Defense 64
Lightning Defense 59 Durability 288
Dark Defense 67 Weight 29.5
Type Medium Armor Set

Benhart's Set is a medium armor set in Dark Souls II.


Benhart's Set can be acquired two ways:

  • The player must summon Benhart of Jugo and have him survive a minimum of three boss fights. The set is gifted to the player when speaking to Benhart again.
  • It is available for purchase from Merchant Hag Melentia by killing Benhart at any time.

Set pieces[]


Benhart's Set is the third heaviest medium armor set found in the game, clocking in at a total of 29.5 units, just behind the Drakeblood Set and the Gyrm Set.

Compared to the Elite Knight Set, it has overall more robust physical defenses and poise, but its elemental defenses remain mostly in line with the Elite Knight Set, although it does have a higher resistance to lightning, but a slightly lower resistance to fire. It also has more poison resistance, but less bleed resistance, than the aforementioned armor set, as well as overall lower durability.

However, much like the way Havel's Set is often utilized, his set is best used with pieces of armor from other sets. The helmet, gauntlets, and leggings are very well-balanced (especially the helmet) in terms of defense and poise, while his chest armor provides overall underwhelming defenses for its weight, compared to the chest armor of many other medium-weight sets.

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