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Bell Keepers are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Bell Keepers look identical to the marionettes located downstairs in the Belfry Luna, except they appear to have a blackish-blue glow that may be caused by the aura around their axes. In opposition to their short and stubby bodies, Bell Keepers are extremely tough.


Contrary to their small, seemingly-harmless appearance, Bell Keepers are highly aggressive and can deal heavy damage to unaware players at close range with their axes. Their axes are augmented with either Fire or Dark, so players should be mindful of their resistances, and take care as to not get staggered too often.

At longer ranges, they will use their bow to snipe the player at a distance, and will quickly fire a volley of arrows, leaving little time for breathing room in between each shot or to dodge.

They cannot roll, however, allowing the player to hit them with well-timed attacks most of the times.


Item Rusted Coin
Rusted Coin
Flame Swathe
Flame Swathe
Fire Whip II
Fire Whip
Large Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???


  • In offline play, the player can be invaded by a dark spirit version of the Bell Keeper.
  • The Bell Keepers are dolls (marionettes). They have been tasked with guarding the bells of Alken and Venn.
  • Due to the infusion on their axes, they can deal a considerable amount of damage through shields.
  • If, when summoned to defend the bell, the trespasser uses the Seed of a Tree of Giants, all Bell Keepers will attack the grey spirits.
  • Although their attacks can be parried and they can be guard broken, they can not be riposted on, likely due to their size.