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Belfry Sol

Belfry Sol is a location in Dark Souls II.


Situated on the roof of the Iron Keep, Belfry Sol is protected by the Bell Keepers covenant in the same manner as Belfry Luna. Similar to the Belfry Luna, the only way to enter the belfry is by using a Pharros' Lockstone.


Adjacent locations[]


  • Belfry Sol Approach: After the area with the optional Smelter Demon, enter the second large room of the Iron Keep. Immediately, to the left, after entering the room is a door. Open it, activate the Pharros' Contraption, and ascend the ladder inside to gain access to this bonfire.





  • One can go offline for this area to make combat significantly easier to traverse as players of the Bell Keeper covenant will therefore be unable to invade the player. If this strategy is followed, the player will still be invaded, but only by a dark spirit NPC which is much easier to handle than an actual player and ensures you only get invaded by one dark spirit.
  • Take caution in clearing the area as you may become overwhelmed by the amount of enemies. Luring individual enemies in and eliminating them seems to be an ideal tactic for this area.
  • The enemies in this area seem to have a slight resistance to magic, making melee an ideal choice in clearing the area. The enemies can easily be stunned by using a Strength weapon.



  • The player can see the chains of the platforms in the Iron Keep while standing outside of the doorway to the Belfry. Upon entering the belfry, the chains will disappear. This is only a visual bug.