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Battle of Stoicism lobby

The Battle of Stoicism is an online gameplay function in Dark Souls.


The entrances to the Battle of Stoicism arenas are found in the Battle of Stoicism Gazebo, just before the Oolacile Township. Down the right-hand side of the passage that leads there.

Types of matches[]


In this mode, two players are chosen to fight each other in an arena. The winner takes a prize.


Similar to Duel mode, in this one, four players are divided into two teams and must defeat the enemy team, the winning team takes the prize.


In this one, four players must battle against each other, and every player killed grants prizes to all other players alive, the last one standing wins.

Rules and overall mechanics[]


There are a set of rules that are applied to all the three modes of the Battle of Stoicism, listed below:

  • No healing items allowed.
  • The battle is timed (3 minutes); in the end, the winner dons a great crown.
  • The player with the most kills receives a great crown. With equal kills, all players receive tiny crowns (a draw).
  • Allies receive credit for every fallen enemy; in Deathmatch, all players except the victim receive credit.
  • Win streak resets to zero if the player returns to the gazebo.


After the player chooses a game mode, they are transported to the lobby, in which orange signs with the rules of the game are spread throughout the place. To enter a battle, the player must stand on one of the trap doors available to begin the game.

There are two types of trap doors, the hosting trap door, and the common trap door. The hosting trap door turns the player standing on it a host, inviting other players that are standing on the common trap doors. More common trap doors become available depending on the mode chosen, each leading to an arena with other players. The players take no damage when the trap door opens.

If the player decides to leave the lobby, there is a special bonfire that teleports them back to the gazebo.


Even though the Battle of Stoicism is completely focused on PvP, with rules made to guarantee a fair duel, it is not a very popular area for PvP, probably because of the lack of reward when a player wins a match.



Dark Souls — Battle of Stoicism by Motoi Sakuraba