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The Bastille Key is a key in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Key to the cells of the Lost Bastille.
Long ago, a bastille lord, driven to desperation by the rapid spread of curse across the land, began to see each subject as a carrier of the blight, and locked them away in droves.
This entire bastille was turned into a prison, and left abandoned to rot with its prisoners.


Found on a corpse in the area beyond the Belfry Gargoyles. Next to the bonfire is a ladder which leads down to a small area with seven Stray Hounds, Vorgel the Sinner and some minor loot.

Scholar of the First Sin[]

Found on a corpse hidden behind some breakable debris directly to the left after leaving the Servants' Quarters bonfire.


  1. Opens the door to Blacksmith McDuff at The Lost Bastille.
  2. Opens the cell beside the Straid's Cell bonfire.
  3. Opens a cell and two gates on the upper floor of the flooded prison in Sinner's Rise.
  4. Opens the two doors besides The Lost Sinner's boss room in Sinner's Rise.