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The Baneful Bird Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King.

In-Game Description

Ring of Raime the traitor.
Reduces stamina loss when blocking with shield.
Raime was an agile swordsman who
served King Vendrick, but after resigning
from his post, he reconsidered his
way of life and was born again as
a stalwart warrior.


Located on a corpse in Brume Tower, in view of the Throne Floor bonfire. A lift must be taken to reach the ring, which in turn requires the player to find and use the Scorching Iron Scepter.


Increases the stability of all equipped items by 5, thereby reducing the stamina damage taken when blocking. The ring is particularly powerful when combined with a greatshield, as the already low stamina damage taken can be reduced by a larger fraction, allowing players to easily weather repeated hits.

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