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Balder is a mentioned location in Dark Souls.


Dark Souls[]

Ring of Steel Protection (DSIII)

The ring of steel protection of Rendal.

Balder was an ancient kingdom of humans[1]. It was the homeland of the Rendal[1], the legendary Knight King who wore a ring capable of granting its wearer with the protection of iron, increasing the defense against physical attacks, thus leading many legends to circulate about him, as it was said that not even the claws of a gigantic wyvern would be able to damage it[2]. Rendal was so important that Silver Coin were minted with his portrait on its face[3], similar to the faces of the gods Lloyd and McLoyf[4], although these coins of great value in the world of men had little value in Lordran. Balder Knights wore armor made from thick iron plates[1] and used shields tweaked for improved stability[5] and rock-solid, long sword that were excellent for thrusting attacks[6].

However, with the fading of the First Flame, more and more Undead started to appear among humans[7], to the point that in Balder it reached a widespread outbreak and the kingdom was reduced to ruins in the ensuing chaos[1]. Knight King Rendal thus gathered the remaining knights of his country and left for Lordran[8][9], the ancient kingdom of the gods where according to legend the Undead would have to pilgrimage and overcome various tests to learn about their fate[10]. In an attempt to reach Anor Londo to link the fading Flame and thus save what remained of their kingdom, nullifying the Curse of Undeath[11], Rendal and his knights arrived at the Sen's Fortress which tested the potential Chosen Undead with deadly challenges[8]. However, even if they were able to navigate the fortress, Sendal and his knights never managed to overcome the final test of the Iron Golem placed to defend the entrance to the city of the gods from countless heroes trying to reach it[12], and continued to try and fail for decades[13] until even the Knight King himself died, losing his ring in the fortress[9], leaving the now hollowed knights to wander around aimlessly[8].

Dark Souls II[]

In the times and region of Drangleic, despite Rendal's failure, his ring that offered great physical protection was passed around but his tales became long forgotten and even the greatly wizened had no recollection of his exploits[14], thus remaining the last trace of Balder's existence.

Dark Souls III[]

In the times and region of Lothric, despite the many centuries that passed, Rendal's ring that offered great physical protection was passed around and it was said that he was lined with steel on the inside, such that even the talons of mighty dragons did him little harm[15], thus keeping the last trace of Balder's existence until the last days of the Fire.




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