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For the Dark Souls variant, see Avelyn.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Avelyn (Dark Souls II).

The Avelyn is a crossbow in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

An extremely rare rapid-firing crossbow.
Fires three successive bolts by means of an elaborate mechanism. Inflict heavy damage by making all three shots count.
Despite its use as a weapon, this crossbow is also a priceless work of art, and it bears resemblance to a musical instrument.
Skill: Tackle
Lunge into a shoulder tackle, pushing back enemies to create distance.


Found in the Grand Archives, on top of a bookshelf on the right wing of the building.

Make way through the initial section of the archives and to the third floor, passing by the big wax container and a darkened room. Upon exiting the latter, head straight and either jump or roll diagonally and to the left from the top of the (kickable) ladder to land over a series of bookshelves where the crossbow lies.

It is advisable to equip the Silvercat Ring or cast Spook, and also deal with the Crystal Sage before attempting the jump.


A time-honored weapon from the previous Dark Souls games, the Avelyn is characterized by its ability to fire three arrows in quick succession.

In terms of raw damage, the Avelyn inflicts the least damage per arrow out of all the crossbows, moreso since the Avelyn suffers from a 5% damage reduction when using physical damage bolts. However, by firing three bolts in a single salvo it is capable of inflicting more damage in a single attack than everything short of the Repeating Crossbow's skill, Repeat Fire, assuming that all bolts hit the target. As well, the Avelyn has the special distinction of loosing its first bolt slightly faster than the one shot from standard crossbows, making target tracking easier.

However, the Avelyn also has the unfortunate distinction of being the heaviest crossbow in the game, tying with the Repeating Crossbow and Sniper Crossbow. This can make it an extremely cumbersome weapon, as it weighs almost as much as some greatswords, and thus equipment loadouts must be planned around wielding such a weapon. Additionally, with a shot range of only 35, it is easily the shortest-ranged weapon in the game, meaning that even if a target is within lock-on range there is no guarantee that projectiles will deal their maximum potential damage. As such, combined with its poor accuracy the Avelyn requires its user to be practically within melee range to make the most of its damage.

If damage output is a greater concern than ammunition conservation and weight considerations, then the Avelyn can be a powerful weapon in the right hands.


Upgrade Level Attack Values Aux. Effects Bonuses
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Dark Bleed Poison DSIIIWFrost Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith
Avelyn 64
Avelyn +1 (Titanite Shard ×2 & 610 souls) 70
Avelyn +2 (Titanite Shard ×4 & 732 souls) 76
Avelyn +3 (Titanite Shard ×6 & 854 souls) 83
Avelyn +4 (L. Titanite Shard ×2 & 976 souls) 89
Avelyn +5 (L. Titanite Shard ×4 & 1098 souls) 96
Avelyn +6 (L. Titanite Shard ×6 & 1220 souls) 102
Avelyn +7 (Titanite Chunk ×2 & 1342 souls) 108
Avelyn +8 (Titanite Chunk ×4 & 1464 souls) 115
Avelyn +9 (Titanite Chunk ×6 & 1586 souls) 121
Avelyn +10 (Titanite Slab ×1 & 1830 souls) 128

The data displayed above are current as of Patch App 1.15 Regulation 1.35.


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