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Aurous' Set
Physical Defense 277 Poise 40
Strike Defense 267 Poison Resist 78
Slash Defense 291 Bleed Resist 99
Thrust Defense 279 Petrify Resist 0
Magic Defense 98 Curse Resist 0
Fire Defense 95
Lightning Defense 68 Durability 320
Dark Defense 104 Weight 22.9
Type Medium Armor Set
Not to be confused with Aurous' Set (transparent).

Aurous' Set is a medium armor set in Dark Souls II.


Dark Souls II[]

A piece of the set is a rare drop from the Dark Spirit Aurous Knight in No-Man's Wharf at Bonfire Intensity 2+.

Scholar of the First Sin[]

In addition to being dropped from the aforementioned dark spirit, the full set can be found inside a chest in The Gutter (as a replacement for what used to be the Ring of the Evil Eye). It is on a stone ledge at the base of the highest wooden tower, near a Heide Knight.


The Aurous' Set is one of the more well balanced medium armor sets with decent physical defenses. It has relatively high Dark, Magic, and Fire resistances compared to other sets, yet its Lightning resistance is not nearly as high. It has decent Bleed and Poison resistances, but no Petrify or Curse resistances, and low poise.

When it comes to weight, however, it is several units lighter than more common sets, such as the Elite Knight Set, making it one of the more useful medium armor sets. Its biggest drawback is that it's very difficult to obtain the full set in the original game, although this was remedied in Scholar of the First Sin.

Set pieces[]


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