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The Ashen Estus Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Gray crystalline ring crafted from shards.
Increases FP restored by Ashen Estus Flask.
Once a treasure brought before Lothric's Queen, she had it enshrined in the Cemetery of Untended Graves, so that one day an Unkindled might profit from its use.


Found in the Untended Graves. From the first bonfire, proceed onward and turn left on the first path. The ring is guarded by several Corvians and a Storyteller.


Increases the amount of FP restored from drinking from the Ashen Estus Flask by 20%.

Ashen Estus Flask level Normal FP restored FP restored with ring Increase in FP restored
0 80 96 16
+1 95 114 19
+2 110 132 22
+3 125 150 25
+4 140 168 28
+5 150 180 30
+6 160 192 32
+7 170 204 34
+8 180 216 36
+9 190 228 38
+10 200 240 40


The Ashen Estus Ring is useful for builds that invest many levels into Attunement. At 26 Attunement or lower, a charge of an Ashen Estus Flask +10 is enough to fully recover all FP. However, if the player's build utilizes 27 Attunement or more, not all FP will be recovered. Equipping the Ashen Estus Ring will allow a single charge of an Ashen Estus Flask +10 to recover all FP for Attunement values of 30 or lower. For levels of Attunement above 30, only a Hidden Blessing will recover all FP.

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