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The Ashen Estus Flask is a consumable item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Undead treasure these dull ashen flasks.
Fill with Estus at bonfires, and drink to restore FP.
Quite befitting of an Unkindled, an Ashen Estus Flask turns a bonfire's heat cold.


Found at the beginning of the game in the Cemetery of Ash, on a corpse lying on the remains of the central fountain.


Drinking from the Ashen Estus Flask restores FP, much like how the normal Estus Flask restores HP. Resting at a bonfire will refill it to maximum charges.

The total number of shared charges between the normal Estus Flask and Ashen Estus Flask can be increased by bringing Estus Shards to Blacksmith Andre, and the potency of each charge increased by burning an Undead Bone Shard at Firelink Shrine's bonfire. The number of total charges between the two flasks can reach a maximum of 15, while the potency of the flasks can reach a maximum of +10. The player can also talk to Blacksmith Andre to allot their Estus charges between the two flasks.

The potency of each charge of the Ashen Estus Flask can be increased by 20% by equipping the Ashen Estus Ring.


The amount of FP restored per use via upgrading with Undead Bone Shards is as follows:

Bonfire level Ashen Estus Flask level FP restored Difference from last level
1 0 80 -
2 +1 95 15
3 +2 110 15
4 +3 125 15
5 +4 140 10
6 +5 150 10
7 +6 160 10
8 +7 170 10
9 +8 180 10
10 +9 190 10
11 +10 200 10



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