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Armor modification is a gameplay mechanic of Dark Souls.

Armor Modification grants armor pieces higher damage resistance, improving their performance against tougher enemies.

Armor reinforcement[]

Armor can be reinforced by any blacksmith NPC, increasing their damage resistance. The player may also do this at any bonfire after purchasing an Armor Smithbox.

At certain reinforcement levels, different or more materials are required to upgrade an individual armor piece.

Note that unlike weapons, armor cannot be reinforced beyond +10, and blacksmiths cannot modify it with embers. This also means that other than basic titanite and twinkling titanite, armor does not require any specific types of titanite (e.g. blue chunks or green shards).


Upgrade Materials

Titanite Shard x4 to +3
Large Titanite Shard x4 to +6
Titanite Chunk x4 to +9
Titanite Slab x1 to +10
1x Titanite Shard for +1 and +2
2x Titanite Shard for +3
1x Large Titanite Shard for +4 and +5
2x Large Titanite Shard for +6
1x Titanite Chunk for +7 and +8
2x Titanite Chunk for +9
1x Titanite Slab for +10


Upgrade Materials

Twinkling Titanite x10 to +5
1x Twinkling Titanite for +1 and +2
2x Twinkiling Titanite for +3 and +4
4x Twinkling Titanite for +5