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Armor is a type of equipment in Dark Souls III.

Categories of armor[]

Armor sets are divided into three categories based on their total weight:

Each armor set is divided into four pieces based on the body part protected:

Most armor sets are complete, but there are some unique pieces of armor that are not part of a set, and other sets that do not have all four pieces.

Light Sets[]

Antiquated Plain Set**

Antiquated Set

Archdeacon Set

Assassin Set

Black Hand Set

Black Leather Set

Black Witch Set**

Brigand Set

Cleric Set

Conjurator Set

Cornyx's Set

Court Sorcerer Set

Dancer's Set

Deacon Set

Desert Pyromancer Set**

Deserter Set

Drang Set

Fire Keeper Set

Follower Set*

Grave Warden Set

Jailer Set

Karla's Set

Leather Set

Leonhard's Set

Maiden Set

Master's Set

Mirrah Set

Old Sorcerer Set

Ordained Set*

Painting Guardian Set

Pale Shade Set

Pontiff Knight Set

Prayer Set

Pyromancer Set

Shadow Set

Shira's Set**

Sorcerer Set

Worker Set

Xanthous Set

Medium Sets[]

Alva Set

Black Set

Brass Set

Chain Set

Dark Set

Dragonscale Set

Eastern Set

Elite Knight Set

Evangelist Set

Fallen Knight Set

Fire Witch Set

Firelink Set

Hard Leather Set

Herald Set

Iron Set

Knight Set

Mirrah Chain Set

Nameless Knight Set

Northern Set

Outrider Knight Set

Ringed Knight Set**

Sellsword Set

Set of Thorns

Slave Knight Set*

Sunless Set

Undead Legion Set

Vilhelm's Set*

Wolf Knight Set

Heavy Sets[]

Black Iron Set

Black Knight Set

Catarina Set

Cathedral Knight Set

Dragonslayer Set

Drakeblood Set

Executioner Set

Exile Set

Faraam Set

Gundyr's Set

Harald Legion Set**

Havel's Set

Iron Dragonslayer Set**

Lapp's Set**

Lorian's Set

Lothric Knight Set

Millwood Knight Set*

Morne's Set

Ruin Set**

Set of Favor

Silver Knight Set

Smough's Set

Sunset Set

Winged Knight Set

* Designates armor from the Ashes of Ariandel expansion DLC.
** Designates armor from The Ringed City expansion DLC.