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Armor is a type of equipment in Dark Souls II.

Categories of ArmorEdit

Armor sets are divided into three categories based on their total weight:

Each armor set is divided into four pieces based on the body part protected:

Most armor sets are complete, but there are some unique pieces of armor that are not part of a set, and other sets that do not have all four pieces.


Light Sets

Medium Sets

Heavy Sets

Armor Set Head Armor Chest Armor Hands Armor Legs Armor
Light Armor
Agdayne's Set Agdayne's Black Robe Agdayne's Cuffs Agdayne's Kilt
Astrologist's Set Moon Hat Astrologist's Robe Astrologist's Gauntlets Astrologist's Bottoms
Aurous' Set (Transparent) Helm of Aurous (Transparent) Armor of Aurous (Transparent) Gauntlets of Aurous (Transparent) Leggings of Aurous (Transparent)
Black Hollow Mage Set Black Hollow Mage Hood Black Hollow Mage Robe
Black Set Black Hood Black Robes Black Gloves Black Boots
Black Witch Set Black Witch Veil Black Witch Robe Black Witch Gloves Black Witch Trousers
Bone King Set Bone Crown Bone King Robe Bone King Cuffs Bone King Skirt
Brigand Set Brigand Hood Brigand Armor Brigand Gauntlets Brigand Trousers
Cale's Set Cale's Helm Cale's Leather Armor Cale's Shoes
Chaos Set Chaos Hood Chaos Robe Chaos Gloves Chaos Boots
Desert Sorceress Set Desert Sorceress Hood Desert Sorceress Top Desert Sorceress Gloves Desert Sorceress Skirt
Dingy Set Dingy Hood Dingy Robe Dingy Cuffs Blood Stained Skirt
Dragon Acolyte Set Dragon Acolyte Mask Dragon Acolyte Robe Dragon Acolyte Gloves Dragon Acolyte Boots
Fume Sorcerer Set Fume Sorcerer Mask Fume Sorcerer Robes Fume Sorcerer Gloves Fume Sorcerer Boots
Grave Warden Set Grave Warden Mask Grave Warden Top Grave Warden Cuffs Grave Warden Bottoms
Hexer's Set Hexer's Hood Hexer's Robes Hexer's Gloves Hexer's Boots
Hunter's Set Hunter's Hat Leather Armor Leather Gloves Leather Boots
Imported Set Imported Hood Imported Tunic Imported Manchettes Imported Trousers
Jester's Set Jester's Cap Jester's Robes Jester's Gloves Jester's Tights
Leydia Black Set Leydia Black Hood Leydia Black Robe
Leydia White Set Leydia White Hood Leydia White Robe Leydia Gauntlets
Lion Mage Set Lion Mage Robe Lion Mage Cuffs Lion Mage Skirt
Lion Warrior Set Lion Warrior Helm Lion Warrior Cape Lion Warrior Cuffs Lion Warrior Skirt
Llewellyn Set Llewellyn Armor Llewellyn Gloves Llewellyn Shoes
Lucatiel's Set Lucatiel's Mask Lucatiel's Vest Lucatiel's Gloves Lucatiel's Trousers
Manikin Set Manikin Mask Manikin Top Manikin Gloves Manikin Boots
Monastery Set Monastery Headcloth Monastery Longshirt Monastery Long Gloves Monastery Skirt
Moon Butterfly Set Moon Butterfly Hat Moon Butterfly Wings Moon Butterfly Cuffs Moon Butterfly Skirt
Nahr Alma Set Nahr Alma Hood Nahr Alma Robes
Northwarder Set Northwarder Hood Northwarder Robe Northwarder Manchettes Northwarder Trousers
Peasant Set Peasant Hat Peasant Attire Peasant Long Gloves Peasant Trousers
Priestess Set Priestess Headpiece Priestess Robe Priestess Gloves Priestess Skirt
Prisoner's Set Prisoner's Hood Prisoner's Tatters Prisoner's Gloves Prisoner's Waistcloth
Rogue Set Rogue Hood Rogue Armor Rogue Gauntlets Rogue Leggings
Saint's Set Saint's Hood Saint's Dress Saint's Long Gloves Saint's Trousers
Judgment Set Mask of Judgment Robe of Judgment Manchettes of Judgment Tights of Judgment
Shadow Set Shadow Mask Shadow Top Shadow Gauntlets Shadow Leggings
Tattered Set Tattered Cloth Hood Tattered Cloth Robe Tattered Cloth Manchettes Heavy Boots
Thief Set Thief Mask Black Leather Armor Black Leather Gloves Black Leather Boots
Tseldora Set Tseldora Cap Tseldora Robe Tseldora Manchettes Tseldora Trousers
Varangian Set Varangian Helm Varangian Armor Varangian Cuffs Varangian Leggings
Wanderer Set Wanderer Hood Wanderer Coat Wanderer Manchettes Wanderer Boots
White Hollow Mage Set White Hollow Mage Hood White Hollow Mage Robe
White Priest Set White Priest Headpiece White Priest Robe White Priest Gloves White Priest Skirt
Medium Armor
Alonne's Set Alonne's Helm Alonne's Armor Alonne's Gauntlets Alonne's Leggings
Alonne Captain Set Alonne Captain Helm Alonne Captain Armor
Alva Set Alva Helm Alva Armor Alva Gauntlets Alva Leggings
Archdrake Set Archdrake Helm Archdrake Robes Archdrake Gloves Archdrake Boots
Aurous' Set Helm of Aurous Armor of Aurous Gauntlets of Aurous Leggings of Aurous
Bandit Set Spiked Bandit Helm Bandit Armor Bandit Gauntlets Bandit Boots
Bell Keeper Set Bell Keeper Helmet Bell Keeper Bellyband Bell Keeper Cuffs Bell Keeper Trousers
Benhart's Set Benhart's Knight Helm Benhart's Armor Benhart's Gauntlets Benhart's Boots
Black Dragon Set Black Dragon Helm Black Dragon Armor Black Dragon Gauntlets Black Dragon Leggings
Creighton's Set Creighton's Steel Mask Creighton's Chainmail Creighton's Chain Gloves Creighton's Chain Leggings
Dark Set Dark Mask Dark Armor Dark Gauntlets Dark Leggings
Drakeblood Set Drakeblood Helm Drakeblood Armor Drakeblood Gauntlets Drakeblood Leggings
Elite Knight Set Elite Knight Helm Elite Knight Armor Elite Knight Gloves Elite Knight Leggings
Executioner Set Executioner Helm Executioner Armor Executioner Gauntlets Executioner Leggings
Falconer Set Falconer Helm Falconer Armor Falconer Gloves Falconer Boots
Gyrm Set Gyrm Helm Gyrm Armor Gyrm Gloves Gyrm Boots
Hard Leather Set Standard Helm Hard Leather Armor Hard Leather Gauntlets Hard Leather Boots
Heide Knight Set Heide Knight Greathelm Heide Knight Chainmail Heide Knight Gauntlets Heide Knight Leggings
Hollow Infantry Set Hollow Infantry Helm Hollow Infantry Armor Hollow Infantry Gloves Hollow Infantry Boots
Hollow Soldier Set Hollow Soldier Helm Hollow Soldier Armor Hollow Soldier Gauntlets Hollow Soldier Leggings
Infantry Set Infantry Helm Infantry Armor Infantry Gloves Infantry Boots
Insolent Set Insolent Helm Insolent Armor Insolent Gloves Insolent Boots
King's Set King's Crown King's Armor King's Gauntlets King's Leggings
Knight Set Knight Helm Knight Armor Knight Gauntlets Knight Leggings
Pate's Set Pate's Helm Pate's Armor Pate's Gloves Pate's Trousers
Penal Set Penal Mask Penal Straightjacket Penal Handcuffs Penal Skirt
Royal Soldier Set Royal Soldier Helm Royal Soldier Armor Royal Soldier Gauntlets Royal Soldier Leggings
Royal Swordsman Set Royal Swordsman Helm Royal Swordsman Armor Royal Swordsman Gloves Royal Swordsman Leggings
Ruin Set Ruin Helm Ruin Armor Ruin Gauntlets Ruin Leggings
Targray's Set Targray's Helm Targray's Armor Targray's Manifers Targray's Leggings
Throne Watcher Set Throne Watcher Helm Throne Watcher Armor Throne Watcher Gauntlets Throne Watcher Leggings
Traveling Merchant Set Traveling Merchant Hat Traveling Merchant Coat Traveling Merchant Gloves Traveling Merchant Boots
Xanthous Set Xanthous Crown Xanthous Overcoat Xanthous Gloves Xanthous Waistcloth
Heavy Armor
Alonne Knight Set Alonne Knight Helm Alonne Knight Armor Alonne Knight Gauntlets Alonne Knight Leggings
Catarina Set Catarina Helm Catarina Armor Catarina Gauntlets Catarina Leggings
Charred Loyce Set Charred Loyce Helm Charred Loyce Armor Charred Loyce Gauntlets Charred Loyce Leggings
Dragonrider Set Dragonrider Helm Dragonrider Armor Dragonrider Gauntlets Dragonrider Leggings
Drakekeeper Set Drakekeeper Helm Drakekeeper Armor Drakekeeper Gauntlets Drakekeeper Boots
Drangleic Set Drangleic Helm Drangleic Mail Drangleic Gauntlets Drangleic Leggings
Faraam Set Faraam Helm Faraam Armor Faraam Gauntlets Faraam Boots
Gyrm Warrior Set Gyrm Warrior Helm Gyrm Warrior Armor Gyrm Warrior Gloves Gyrm Warrior Boots
Havel's Set Havel's Helm Havel's Armor Havel's Gauntlets Havel's Leggings
Imperious Set Imperious Helm Imperious Armor Imperious Gloves Imperious Leggings
Ironclad Set Ironclad Helm Ironclad Armor Ironclad Gauntlets Ironclad Leggings
Ivory King Set Ivory King Helm Ivory King Armor Ivory King Gauntlets Ivory King Leggings
Looking Glass Set Looking Glass Mask Looking Glass Armor Looking Glass Gauntlets Looking Glass Leggings
Loyce Set Loyce Helm Loyce Armor Loyce Gauntlets Loyce Leggings
Mad Warrior Set Mad Warrior Mask Mad Warrior Armor Mad Warrior Gauntlets Mad Warrior Leggings
Mastodon Set Mastodon Helm Mastodon Armor Mastodon Gauntlets Mastodon Leggings
Old Ironclad Set Old Ironclad Helm Old Ironclad Armor Old Ironclad Gauntlets Old Ironclad Leggings
Old Knight Set Old Knight Helm Old Knight Armor Old Knight Gauntlets Old Knight Leggings
Raime's Set Raime's Helm Raime's Armor Raime's Gauntlets Raime's Leggings
Rampart Golem Set Rampart Golem Helm Rampart Golem Armor Rampart Golem Gauntlets Rampart Golem Leggings
Rusted Mastodon Set Rusted Mastodon Helm Rusted Mastodon Armor Rusted Mastodon Gauntlets Rusted Mastodon Leggings
Sanctum Knight Set Sanctum Knight Helm Sanctum Knight Armor Sanctum Knight Gauntlets Sanctum Knight Leggings
Smelter Demon Set Smelter Demon Helm Smelter Demon Armor Smelter Demon Gauntlets Smelter Demon Leggings
Steel Set Steel Helm Steel Armor Steel Gauntlets Steel Leggings
Syan's Set Syan's Helm Syan's Armor Syan's Gauntlets Syan's Leggings
Throne Defender Set Throne Defender Helm Throne Defender Armor Throne Defender Gauntlets Throne Defender Leggings
Velstadt's Set Velstadt's Helm Velstadt's Armor Velstadt's Gauntlets Velstadt's Leggings
Vengarl's Set Vengarl's Helm Vengarl's Armor Vengarl's Gloves Vengarl's Boots
Unique Armor Pieces
Black Witch Domino Mask
Black Witch Hat
Crown of the Ivory King
Crown of the Old Iron King
Crown of the Sunken King
Dragon Sage Hood
Durgo's Hat
Engraved Gauntlets
Flower Skirt
Flying Feline Boots
Gyrm Warrior Greathelm
Heide Knight Iron Mask
Hollow Skin
Minotaur Helm
Mirrah Hat
Old Bell Helm
Pharros Mask
Red Lion Warrior Cape
Retainer Robe
Sanctum Priestess Tiara
Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet
Singer's Dress
Symbol of Avarice
Warlock Mask

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