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"Oh, have you seen that terribly morose lass? ...The Fire Keeper. She's stuck keeping that bonfire lit. Sad, really. She's mute and bound to this forsaken place. They probably cut her tongue out back in her village, so that she'd never say any god's name in vain. How do these martyrs keep chugging along? I'd peter out in an instant. Hah hah hah hah!"
Crestfallen Warrior

Anastacia of Astora (アストラのアナスタシア), also known as The Ash Maiden[1], is a Fire Keeper in Dark Souls. She keeps the bonfire in Firelink Shrine lit.

Anastacia is voiced by Emma Pierson, who also voiced Dusk of Oolacile.


She can be found in a cell below the Firelink Shrine bonfire, down the stairs located to the left of the Crestfallen Warrior.


Initially, she is unable to speak for her tongue had been removed sometime long ago. Despite this, the player can still interact with her. As with other Fire Keepers, Anastascia has the ability to reinforce the Estus Flask in exchange for Fire Keeper Souls.

If Knight Lautrec of Carim is in Firelink Shrine, he will kill Anastacia when either one of the following occurs:

While Anastacia is dead, the bonfire in Firelink Shrine is inactive and unusable. She leaves behind the Dingy Set and the Black Eye Orb. The Black Eye Orb is an invasion item, allowing players to find and invade Lautrec's world to defeat him and retrieve Anastacia's Fire Keeper Soul.

Returning Anastacia's soul to her cage will revive her, reigniting the Firelink Shrine bonfire. Her tongue will also be restored, allowing the player to engage in conversation with her.

Once Anastacia is revived, if the player places the Lordvessel, offers at least one Lord Soul or Lord Soul Shard to it, and then talks to her, she will fully kindle the Firelink Shrine bonfire.


Anastacia is mentioned by several characters, including herself, to be "impure", mainly of speech. However, what exactly made her so unclean is never revealed, as she tells very little to the player even with her tongue restored. It has been hinted from item descriptions that Anastacia chose her own banishment and even imprisonment.


Her drops can only be obtained if Lautrec kills her.

Item Dingy Hood
Dingy Hood
Dingy Robe
Dingy Robe
Dingy Gloves
Dingy Gloves
Blood-Stained Skirt
Blood-Stained Skirt
Black Eye Orb
Black Eye Orb
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed



  • Anastacia strongly resembles the Maiden in Black from Demon's Souls: the maiden is an ally to the Slayer of Demons like Anastacia is an ally to the Chosen Undead. Both of them have some sort physical problem, the maiden is blind, and Anastacia is mute. They are also both guardians to sacred places.
  • It appears that Anastacia is locked in her cell in Firelink Shrine, however, in the prologue, she is seen kneeling over an unnamed undead in the graveyard.
  • The description of the Blood-Stained Skirt implies that, as well as having her tongue cut out, Anastacia's legs were crippled to keep her from leaving Firelink Shrine. Her model is missing both legs around the knees.
  • Her name translates from Greek ἀνάστασις as “revived” that closely links to her fate.



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