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Amana Shrine Healers are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Similar in appearance to Amana Shrine Maidens, the Healers dress in large robes that cover their entire bodies. The robes are larger than the Maidens' and they have two antlers on their headdress, as opposed to just one.


They will never attack the player directly, and simply follows them around if no other enemies are nearby. They will use miracles to heal enemies and themselves when injured.

They have low health and are easily stun-locked, making them easy to kill at melee range. However, they're often guarded by Lindelt Clerics, so it is recommended to take out the healer from long range to avoid having to fight the clerics while they're being healed.


These priestesses maintained the Shrine of Amana and contained the Demon of Song there through use of sacred rituals.[1] They kept the Demon appeased, but the line of these priestesses soon died off, setting the Demon free.[1][2]


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