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Allfather Lloyd (主神ロイド) is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Allfather Lloyd's knights lived in fear of his duels of judgment, in which verdicts were carried out by his Sword of Law.[1]


Dark Souls[]

Gold Coin

Allfather Lloyd on the Gold Coin.

Lloyd is one of the members of Gwyn's clan who resided in Anor Londo during the Age of Fire[2]. He was worshiped by the humans as the "god of law and caste"[3]. He is one of the primordial humanoid creatures that appeared underground after the First Flame appeared[4] and was the uncle of Lord Gwyn, implying that he was born before him[5] After Lord Gwyn sacrificed himself to link the First Flame[6], his throne passed to his firstborn son who, however, chose to "ally" with the dragons, the ancient enemies of the gods, and was therefore exiled and his name eradicated from history[7]. Taking advantage of the situation and thanks to the fact of being Gwyn's uncle, Lloyd rose to power, proclaiming himself king of the gods[8].

Lloyd's Sword Ring

Lloyd's Sword of Law.

Lloyd then became the main deity of the religion and was worshiped by the humans as the god of law and social classes and his face was even minted on the golden coins used by men[9]. After nearly all of the deities had abandoned Anor Londo[10], Lloyd moved his seat of power to the region of Thorolund, which then became the cultural and political center of the Way of White[11]. The god had absolute power over the country and thus chose among the nobles of the region the ones who would become his apostles and high priests of the Way of White, gifting them holy rings to increase their magic and making their duty the protection of law and social classes[12].

Lloyd's Shield Ring

Lloyd's Shield of Caste.

Under Lloyd the Way of White became also a militant religion, and Lloyd's cleric knights became famous for being unyielding in battle and using miracles[13]. The god also began a tradition of hunting the Undead, seen as cursed creatures, for which his warrior clerics were widely praised and for which they developed special amulets to combat their prey[14]. However, Lloyd's own knights lived in terror of his quick duels of judgments in which the verdicts were carried out by his "sword of law"[15], demonstrating how in reality Lloyd's government was paranoid and authoritarian.

Dark Souls III[]

Way of White Corona

The miracle of the last worshippers of Lloyd.

When Dark Sun Gwyndolin emerged from hiding[16] and resumed his place as "king of the gods"[17] thanks to his direct descent from the previous king Gwyn he also assumed command of the Way of White and became its main deity. The religion went through a major reform[18] and Lloyd was cast out and his personal cult forgotten by the followers of the Way of White, so much so that now the clerics openly declare that he was a "collateral relation" and that his title of king was self-proclaimed and unrighteous when a son of Gwyn was still alive[3].

Some of the dethroned god's followers, now cast out as heretics, would find refuge in the Painted World of Ariandel[19], bringing with them the lost miracles of the old religion and fully believing that one day the aureoles of light associated with Lloyd would return with him[20].



  • Given his title of "guardian of law and caste" it is possible that humans turned to him for matters of justice and social regulations.
  • A more accurate translation of "Allfather" (主神) should be "king god/main deity", confirming how Lloyd used his status as uncle of the previous king to take Gwyn's role after he linked the fire, as Gwyn's firstborn was exiled and Gwyndolin was still refusing to leave the mausoleum.
  • In Norse mythology, one of the several names of chief god Odin is "Alföðr" which means "Allfather" or "Father of All".[21] Allfather Lloyd's title seems to mean the same or even been inspired by it.
  • It should be noted that he was the uncle of Gwyn. This implies that he had at least one sibling, who then copulated with another humanoid to produce Gwyn.
    • Who Gwyn' biological "parents" were, is unknown. However, since a lot of time passed since the humanoid creatures that found the Lord Souls near the First Flame emerged on the surface to fight the Dragons, it can be implied that those creatures evolved into a civilization with their relationships (see Opening (Dark Souls)).


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