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Aldrich, Devourer of Gods, also known as Aldrich, Saint of the Deep (深みの聖者, Holy Man of the Deep), is a boss and one of the five Lords of Cinder encountered by the Ashen One in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

When Aldrich ruminated on the fading of the fire, it inspired visions of a coming age of the deep sea.
He knew the path would be arduous, but he had no fear. He would devour the gods himself.


Aldrich is an expansive sludge of maggot-ridden rotten flesh, humanity dregs, and his own bones as well as those of the victims he has consumed[1].

By the time the player reaches him, he will be inert and spread across the floor, using the weapons and malformed body of Gwyndolin to interact with his environment and perform attacks.


Aldrich is found in Anor Londo in the same cathedral hall where Ornstein and Smough were fought in Dark Souls.


Soul of Aldrich

The soul of Aldrich drenched in stagnant, deep darkness.

Aldrich was once a cleric of the Way of White[2] originally from Irithyll of the Boreal Valley[3], thus implying that he was one of the descendants of the gods who resided in the city[4]. Despite his role as a man of faith serving the gods, he was actually a depraved being who took pleasure in devouring humans and hearing their last screams[2][5]. For the cleric eating people became a routine and he continued to do it for so long that his own body bloated, becoming melted sludge[2].

His depravity had continued for so long because around the same time Sulyvahn had risen to power in Irithyll, imprisoning Allfather Gwyndolin[6] and corrupting the ranks of the church[7], so much so that even Mcdonnel, an archdeacon of Irithyll, freely indulged in dark sorcery[8]. However at some point even the pontiff realized the problem Aldrich posed for his city and clergy and so exiled him, gifting him with one of his Small Dolls that would have allowed him to return home [3][9][10][11]. Aldritch was thus imprisoned inside the Cathedral of the Deep[2], a church that was specialized in rituals of purification from stagnant darkness[12][13] thanks to a peaceful and sacred body of water[14][15].

Aldrich's Ruby

The hideous magical ring made by Aldrich .

Continuing to gorge himself on humans, Aldrich inevitably achieved an immense level of power and the qualifications to become a Champion to link the First Flame[16]. As the Flame started to fade out, Aldrich was prepared to be made into a Lord just for his strength, without any consideration for his morality and how he acquired his power[2]. Because of the importance he now held to the Way of White, Aldrich was allowed to indulge in his vices and provided him with a constant stream of sacrifices, an operation overseen by the archdeacons of the Cathedral[17]. To accomplish this task, Evangelist from the Cathedral where sent to "enlighten" the inhabitants of the Undead Settlement. Those Undead were thus convinced that their purpose was to be purified of their darkness and become the sacrifices necessary for Aldrich to ascend and save the world, thus being loaded onto carriers like cattle and made to be devoured by the future Champion[18]. Busy devouring human flesh, Aldrich wanted to impart the means to bathe in the screams of his victims and eat the very shivers of one life. To do this he fashioned warped magic rings that allowed one to feel the same depraved sensations of the repulsive maneater and recover health with fatal attacks[19]. Those who followed the monster mutated similarly to him, transforming into bestial creatures with stomachs filled with the remains of their meals and infused with the power of the Deep[20].

Cinders of a Lord (Aldrich, Devourer of Gods)

Aldritch becomes a Lord of Cinder because of his power.

Now left to indulge in his every perversion so that he could one day link the Flame, Aldrich was even allowed to repeatedly rape Rosaria, the Cathedral's local deity, and with her the monster fathered dozens of children who he then even devoured[21][22][23][24]. Aldrich, despite his unbridled hedonism, still decided to follow his ideals on the Age of Fire as a cleric and, when the time came, he sacrificed himself on the Flame to prolong its life. Before his power was fully consumed, his body, now containing a Cinder of the First Flame, was taken and entombed in a coffin inside the Cathedral of the Deep[25] to await a day when he would once again be useful as a Lord of Cinder[1].

Human Dregs

The darkness of humanity reaches a level of stagnation beyond nature.

However, although the monstrous man-eater had done his duty and was no longer active the effect of his stay in the Cathedral had become profound. Aldrich, continuing to devour humans and their Dark Souls, had accumulated an immense amount of darkness that remained in his body to ferment and degenerate, becoming dark dregs, a darkness beyond any natural limit[26]. The Cathedral's sacred and peaceful body of water that served for purification had consequently been infected, continuing to accumulate and stagnate filth to the point of becomin the "Deep", an abyssal sea of rotten darkness. This dark pool became a cradle of repulsive life[14], which began to spawn ravenous insects [27] and maggots that infested the corpses buried around the church and brought them back to life[28][29]. The deacons of the Cathedral thus found themselves faced with the duty of sealing away the horrors that rose from the Deep with their faith and holy fire[30] , to the point of needing grand stories to drive away the madness that the repulsiveness of the deep darkness caused to them[31].

Great Deep Soul

The use and worship of the power of the Deep spreads inside the Cathedral.

At one point, Sulyvahn sent McDonnel, an Archdeacon from Irithyll[32] that was a sorcerer despite being a high-ranking cleric, to help the deacons of the Cathedral. McDonnel thus shared his teachings of sorceries and the priests of the Cathedral became sorcerers too, turning their holy candles into sorcery staves and blades, just to be able to face the abominations of the Deep[33]. However he would soon find ddeligh in the stagnant souls of the Deep, believing the place to be the "bottom of the world"[34]. Over time the deacons themselves, despite their faith and holy flame, began to succum to the power of the Deep[30]. They began to add dark stores about the Deep to the holy scriptures intended to grant them divine protection but that were not enough, thus leading to a taboo: the need to worship the Deep itself to find protection from it[35]. McDonnel realized that the rotten darkness of the Deep could become an incredible new power, and by studying it, he created sorceries that manipulated the dark soul dregs, then imparted them to Archdeacon Royce and his deacons[32]. The faith of the Cathedral's deacons in the gods had thus completely crumbled and they began to worship the Deep and its powerful entity: Aldrich, the "Saint of the Deep"[36].

Aldrich true form

Aldrich rising from his coffin as a mass of rotting sludge.

As the First Flame continued to fade and Prince Lothric refused to link it, the Lords of Cinder of the past were exhumed from their graves to once again be used as fuel[1]. As a result Aldrich also rose from his coffin within the Cathedral of the Deep[25], however the once-Lord that linked the Fire lost hope in the throne of those that were tasked with prolonging the Age of Fire and refused to sacrifice himself again[16]. In fact Aldrich could see how in the Cathedral the same deacons who were dedicated to sealing the horrors of the Deep had succumbed to their power[30] and the Cathedral itself had become a cradle of repulsive things[14]. In addition, the stagnant darkness of the Deep represented a new magical power that McDonnel had developed and spread among the deacons in the form of deep sorceries[32] and that they had begun to venerate the Deep by adding taboo miracles that called the power of the darkness rotten of the deep sea[35]. Like McDonnel[34], Aldrich thus came to the conclusion that the darkness beyond humanity that had been born in the Cathedral would become the bottom of the new world, as the Flame would fade out and the Age of Fire concluded, an Age of Deep Seas was coming[37]. The monstrous man-eater already represented an entity filled with the power of the Deep[38] and consequently Aldrich understood how he, the Saint of the Deep, would have to open the new era. Even knowing that it would be a very long ascetism from human flesh, his new goal became to devour the gods, to destroy their hold on the world and Flame and absorb their power for himself[37]. McDonnel obviously followed the ideals of the Saint and cast off his white robes and crown[39], replacing them with the color of the deep sea they venerated[40]. Most of the Cathedral's deacons, already infected by the rotting darkness to the point that roots grew from their eyes and bodies[40] saw the Age of the Deep Sea beyond fire too and thus vowed themselves to the covenant of Aldrich[41]. Together they followed Aldrich in his new crusade: eat Allfather Gwyndolin, the king of gods of the city that was once his home[42]

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods - 01

Aldritch using Gwyndolin's body to fight while still absorbing him.

Aldrich thus returned to Irithyll without the Small Doll that the Pontiff gifted him in the past[3][10], forcing his way through the city's magical barrier[9] with his army of deacons and evangelists[43][44]. However, he would find his way blocked by Sulyvahn and his knights, as the pontiff had no intention of relinquishing the source of his control over the city and the Way of White so easily[45]. Despite the battle, Aldrich emerged victorious, slaughtering Sulyvahn's troops[46] and defeating the pontiff, forcing him to clear the way for the ruined cathedral of Anor Londo and grant him the king of the gods as an offering[6]. Aldritch finally managed to reach his prey and started to devour Gwyndolin's body, falling into a deep slumber to digest him[47]. In his sleep, Aldrich was also able to absorb Gwyndolin's memories through his soul, as he dreamed about a pale girl in hiding.[48]. When the Ashen One seeking the Lords of Cinder and their Cinders of a Lord arrives to slay him in his quest, Aldrich awakens to defend himself, utilizing Gwyndolin's magic and body and a miracle developed from his dreams.


Fight overview[]

The encounter begins with Aldrich standing on the far end of the room, imbuing his staff with magic and wielding it menacingly while he prepares for battle. He specializes in ranged combat, doing so by casting diverse dangerous magical spells. Conversely, his close combat abilities become heavily compromised due to his sluggish mobility and tendency to miss hits with his weapon. His substandard melee abilities should not be underestimated, however, because what he lacks in accuracy, he more than makes it up in damage-dealing potential.

When he rears up and aims his bow, he will launch an expanding wave of highly damaging arrows in front of him, allowing you to circle behind him and get hits in.

Throughout the course of the battle, Aldrich will be constantly summoning small homing projectiles. Each one of these, on its own, only deals a small amount of damage and the player may even opt to sustain a few of them in exchange of inflicting some damage to the boss. However, if they are caught by the full attack, they will sustain heavy damage, which may even kill them in a single barrage.

Aldrich is most vulnerable on his tail, which provides an area where the player may attack without risking themselves too much from being in the staff's range.

Upon receiving some damage, Aldrich will raise his staff and create a big vortex on the ground in front of him, plunging inside to escape from punishment. This vortex is heavily damaging and the player would be wise in not attacking the boss too many times in a row, preparing instead to move away when it is cast. Aldrich will emerge a moment later on the other side of the hall, as far away from the player as possible, trying to buy some time to cast more spells.

Once Aldrich has lost about 40% of his health, he will buff his scythe with fire. At this point, every time he emerges from the ground, he will deal damage to nearby players while a much greater amount of homing projectiles spawn with him as he rises.

He will also use a replica of the Lifehunt Scythe, starting a large windup before spinning twice in a full circle, and stealing health with each target that it connects to. This attack is telegraphed, and one can see the miracle generating on his staff, but it can often be confused for another standard swing.

His most devastating attack is, without a doubt, is taking out Gwyndolin's bow and shooting toward the sky, making an extensive barrage of arrows rain over the player and follow them for a considerable amount of time. He telegraphs this attack by suddenly stopping and erecting his upper body, while a white flash of light emanates from him. Being caught under the rain of arrows, practically means instant death. As soon as this attack is detected, the player is advised to completely disengage from battle and start running throughout the room with no specific direction.


At the beginning of the fight, charge at Aldrich to avoid his hard-hitting soul spear. Get behind him and focus your attacks on his tail. This leaves him with nothing to do but swing his two slow, devastating melee attacks or teleport across the room (usually, adjacent to where he teleported from).

At about 55%-60% health, he will teleport and come back up, buffed with fire. His arrows also go from going forward to following a specific player. If the arrows following the player catch up to them, then that player will most likely go down quick. Blue Bug and Red Bug Pellets are recommended for this fight.

Casting the sorcery Twisted Wall of Light can negate Aldrich's ranged attacks, including his arrow barrage in the second phase, allowing one to wait out the attack by casting repeatedly.


Item Soul of Aldrich
Soul of Aldrich
Cinders of a Lord (Aldrich, Devourer of Gods)
Cinders of a Lord
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed



  • Aldrich is susceptible to Vow of Silence, which will block most of his attacks.
  • Aldrich is considered an abyssal enemy, and takes extra damage from the Wolf Knight's Greatsword and Farron Greatsword.
  • Hitting Aldrich in different parts of the body affects how much damage is dealt.
    • Attacks on the sludge/tail deals normal damage.
    • Attacks on the body below the waist deals 50% more damage.
    • Attacks on the body above the waist deals double damage.


  • Aldrich's throne in Firelink Shrine refers to him as "Saint Aldrich of the Deep".
  • Aldrich's appearance resembles an amalgamation of Gwyndolin and Nito from Dark Souls. A connection to Priscilla is also implied as Aldrich can summon a Lifehunt Scythe.
  • During the fight, as well as when the boss is passive, shrieks and moans of pain can be heard coming from Gwyndolin. As Aldrich was half-way through consuming Gwyndolin and had used the God's body to defend himself, this disturbingly implies that Gwyndolin was still alive (albeit barely) and in a semi-conscious state of being continuously devoured by Aldrich, even during the fight.[49]
  • While the attacks of Gwyndolin were light blue energy that dealt magic damage in the first game, Aldrich uses variations of the same attacks with purple energy that dealt dark damage.
  • Innumerable bones and large amounts of sludge can be seen on the floor of the arena, similar in appearance to Aldrich himself, and possibly being actually part of his body. If this is the case, then, Aldrich insists on attacks by exerting his will over the body of Gwyndolin, instead of simply devouring the player.
  • The sludge and bones remain after Aldrich dies, though they are inert, making him and Archdeacon Royce the only two bosses to leave behind physical remains.
  • His melee attacks, during his first phase, closely resemble those of Nito.
  • Aldrich's staff uses a Dark Miracle version of Nito's Gravelord Sword and in the deleted files Aldrich was able to do the Gravelord Sword Dance miracle.
  • As he is an amalgamation of corpses just like Nito and the Rotten, and his overall resembelance to Nito, it could be theorized that Aldrich is the new gravelord or that he found the soul of the old dead one, which allowed him to pursue his cannibalstic habits further.
  • His name, besides being an actual name, may also be a play on the word "eldritch", meaning esoteric or mysterious.
  • In the soul of Aldrich, there is a distinct lighter portion inside the soul that is not present in other deep soul; it is probably what's left of Gwyndolin's soul.
  • The comic Dark Souls: The Breath of Andolus features a scryer named Aldrich as the deuteragonist, potentially as a reference to him, despite them not being the same character.
  • The music played during his fight is a more sinister and macabre arrangement of Gwyndolin's theme from the first game, as he uses the body of the god to defend himself, there are also elements from Nito's theme that are played in the first phase as displayed by the sinsiter chants and piano notes that are also prevelant in Nito's theme.


3D Model[]

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Aldrich, Devourer of Gods Boss Fight - Dark Souls 3



Dark Souls 3 OST - Aldrich, Devourer of Gods (Complete)


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