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This article is about the era. For the comic series, see Dark Souls: The Age of Fire.

The Age of Fire, also known as the Age of Gods, is an era in the lore of Dark Souls.


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The Age of Fire first began after Gwyn and the other Lords defeated the Everlasting Dragons which ended the Age of Ancients.[1] The Age of Fire was unnaturally prolonged when Gwyn sacrificed himself to kindle the First Flame.

When the Chosen Undead talks to Kingseeker Frampt, he will tell them that they are destined to succeed Gwyn. Should the player choose to kindle the First Flame upon the defeat of Gwyn, they will sacrifice themselves as Gwyn did, thus delaying the Age of Dark once more.[2][3]

Such a routine of kindling the First Flame repeats itself for generations to come, until the time of Prince Lothric, when the prolonging of the fire proves futile.

As well, call it "futile", is practically said in a lighter form that what actually is. The unnatural prolonging of the First Flame's lifespan came with disastrous, if not, downright catastrophical proportions: when the Lords of Cinder started to resurrect, somehow, literal portions of their countries and homelands were, literally, "teleported" to Lothric, changing the landscape in unpredictable ways.

By the time Dark Souls 3 takes place, the damage caused to the world by the unnatural prolonging of the Age of Fire seems to be irreversible.

As the games progress, the sun itself started to change, until it eerily resembled the Darksign itself.

At the end of the game, after defeating the Soul of Cinder, the amalgation of all the Lords of Cinder who had ever linked the First Flame, the Ashen One, in case it chose to link the First Flame, unlike the flaming inferno of the first game, the Ashen One is covered from head to toe in a soft-looking fire. The implications are clear: The First Flame itself now is so weak that it cannot be kindled anymore.

The First Flame, as the Age of Fire, is beyond saving.

In The Ringed City, it is implied that the unnatural prolonging of the Age of Fire has caused an unrepairable damage to the world, as it is shown after Filianore's awakening: the fertile lands seen when the Ashen One arrived on the city were replaced by a seemingly unending, as-far-the-eye-can-see's barren wasteland of unknown nature.


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