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The Age of Ancients is an age in the lore of Dark Souls.


The Age of Ancients is the condition of the world before the appearance of the First Flame[1].


In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog: a land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons[1]. In this era, the world was ruled by the Everlasting Dragons. Humans and other creatures have yet to make an impression upon the world. It was during this time that the Lord Souls were found, near the First Flame. The three Lords that found them (NitoGwyn and the Witch of Izalith) formed a coalition together and used their newly discovered souls to challenge the Dragons, starting a very long and destructive war. However, there was a fourth Lord Soul, the Dark Soul, which was found by the Furtive Pygmy. The only known act via this Lord was the fragmentation of their soul becoming the birth of Humanity.

The victory of the Lords in the war marked the end of the Age of Ancients and the beginning of the Age of Fire.


  • It is possible to theorize that the humanoid creatures that emerged underground and found the four Lord Souls[1] are an evolution of the dragons over countless years. In fact, after the appearance of the First Flame and the souls, life became possible[2] and the primordial immortal dragons began to mutate like Seath the Scaleless[3] and Black Dragon Kalameet[4], and to reproduce and evolve into different creatures with different characteristics and appearances such as wyverns[5] and serpents[6]. In the depths of the Tomb of the Giants it is in fact possible to find Skeletal Beasts: giant skeletons with bestial behavior that walk on four legs, with in particular a small tail at the end of their spinal column[7]. In these primordial catacombs there are also Giant Skeletons that are able to walk upright and use weapons, but retaining traces of a tail in their bones[8]. These two specimens highlight how those who inhabited the catacombs in very ancient times were creatures initially similar to beasts with tails which then evolved into humanoid giants and finally in the creatures of the race of modern Giants, Gods and humanoid Skeletons that were buried alongside the skeletal beasts and giant skeletons in the Tomb of the Giants through all the thousands of years in which they evolved[9]. Another fact is that in the Tombs of the Giants rest the bodies of members of the race of gods[10], thus implying that the Giant Skeletons found there are their remains and therefore that they also descended from the ancient dragons.


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