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Regular - Sát thương thường (RegDmg) là một  damage type trong game Dark Souls và Dark Souls III.

Tổng quan[]

RegDmg là một trong bốn physical damage types và có thể gây ra bởi tất cả straight sword, axe, greataxe, ultra greatsword và hầu hết greatsword. Rất nhiều vũ khí kể trên có thể gây ra RegDmg, mốt trong số chúng có thể gây ra RegDmg lẫn Thrust tùy theo moveset của chúng như thế nào

RegDmg là loại sát thương (damage types) phổ biến nhất nên cũng có rất nhiều cách để chống lại nó. 


Physical Def. To lower Regular Damage received, it is necessary to raise the Physical Defense stat, which will from now on be referred to as Regular Defense.


At lower levels, increasing any stat while leveling up will raise Regular Defense to some degree, however, Resistance will raise it more than any other.



As a general rule, the heavier an armor piece is, the higher its defense against Physical damage will be.

Of the starting armor sets, the Knight Set offers the highest Regular Defense.

Light armor sets are not the best choice to reduce Regular Damage. The Xanthous Set and Lord's Blade Set are the heaviest of all light armors, and therefore offer higher defense against Regular Damage. Lighter armor sets that offer very good Regular Defense for their weight are the Crimson Set and Big Hat's Set.

Within medium armor sets, the Catarina Set, Paladin Set and Ornstein's Set are good choices when receiving Regular Damage.

Heavy armor sets offer the best choices when raising Physical Defense. Havel's Set, Smough's Set and the fully upgraded Giant Set are excellent choices.


The Ring of Steel Protection raises all forms of Physical Defense.


Unlike armor, shields modify damage based on a percentage and all forms of Physical damage are affected by its single modifier. Many of the standard shields and greatshields protect against 100% of Physical Damage; the Heater Shield, Dragon Crest Shield and Black Knight Shield are examples of these.


Many weapons deal only Regular Damage, however, some deal both Regular or Thrust Damage based upon what attack is used out of its moveset.


  • Battle Axe
  • Butcher Knife
  • Crescent Axe *
  • Gargoyle Tail Axe
  • Golem Axe
  • Hand Axe


  • Black Knight Greataxe
  • Demon's Greataxe
  • Dragon King Greataxe
  • Greataxe
  • Stone Greataxe


  • Gargoyle's Halberd
  • Giant's Halberd
  • Halberd
  • Titanite Catch Pole *


  • Abyss Greatsword
  • Bastard Sword
  • Black Knight Sword
  • Claymore
  • Great Lord Greatsword
  • Greatsword of Artorias † *
  • Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)
  • Man-serpent Greatsword
  • Obsidian Greatsword
  • Stone Greatsword *

Ultra Greatswords[]

  • Black Knight Greatsword
  • Demon Great Machete
  • Dragon Greatsword
  • Greatsword
  • Zweihander


  • Partizan
  • Silver Knight Spear

Straight Swords[]

  • Astora's Straight Sword † *
  • Balder Side Sword
  • Barbed Straight Sword
  • Broadsword
  • Broken Straight Sword
  • Crystal Straight Sword
  • Darksword
  • Drake Sword
  • Longsword
  • Shortsword
  • Silver Knight Straight Sword
  • Sunlight Straight Sword
  • Straight Sword Hilt

Thrusting Swords[]

  • Estoc
  • Velka's Rapier † *


  • Guardian Tail
  • Notched Whip
  • Whip

Daggers ( † ) denote weapons that also inflict Thrust Damage as part of its moveset.
Asterisks ( * ) denote weapons that also inflict Magic damage.[note 1]


The following is a list of characters, enemies and bosses that inflict Regular Physical Damage by one or more of their attacks.


  • Black Iron Tarkus
  • Crestfallen Warrior
  • Darkmoon Soldier (Greatsword)
  • Darkmoon Soldier (Sword)
  • Kirk, Knight of Thorns
  • Forest Hunter Bandit
  • Forest Hunter Knight
  • Laurentius of the Great Swamp
  • Maneater Mildred
  • Nico of Thorolund
  • Oscar, Knight of Astora
  • Oswald of Carim
  • Solaire of Astora
  • Xanthous King, Jeremiah


  • Hollow Warrior (Axe) (Sword)
  • Attack Dog
  • Baby Skeleton
  • Balder Knight
  • Batwing Demon
  • Burrowing Rockworm
  • Channeler
  • Chaos Eater
  • Cragspider
  • Crow Demon
  • Crystal Golem
  • Darkwraith
  • Demonic Foliage
  • Egg Burdened
  • Frog-Ray
  • Giant Clam
  • Giant Leech
  • Giant Mosquito
  • Giant Skeleton
  • Guardian
  • Hollow (sword)
  • Hollow Soldier
  • Infested Barbarian
  • Infested Ghoul
  • Lesser Capra Demon
  • Lesser Sanctuary Guardian
  • Lesser Taurus Demon
  • Pisaca
  • Royal Sentinel
  • Sentinel
  • Serpent Mage
  • Serpent Soldier
  • Silver Knight
  • Slime
  • Snow Rat
  • Stone Knight
  • Tree Lizard
  • Undead Crystal Soldier (Sword)
  • Undead Rat
  • Undead Soldier
  • Vile Maggot
  • Wisp
  • Wyvern


  • Berenike Knight (Sword)
  • Black Knight (Axe) (Sword)
  • Butcher
  • Giant Undead Rat
  • Golden Crystal Golem
  • Great Feline
  • Hydra
  • Mass of Souls
  • Mimic
  • Titanite Demon


  • Artorias the Abysswalker
  • Bed of Chaos
  • Belfry Gargoyles
  • Capra Demon
  • Demon Firesage
  • Gaping Dragon
  • Great Gray Wolf Sif
  • Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
  • Iron Golem
  • Sanctuary Guardian
  • Seath the Scaleless
  • Taurus Demon

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  1. Although the Moonlight Greatsword displays an attack type as Regular, this refers to its moveset and deals only Magical damage.