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Reah von Thorolund ist ein Charakter in Dark Souls.

Rhea von Thorolund


Reah von Thorolund findet man am Feuerband-Schrein, nachdem der Ziegendämon besiegt wurde. Sie ist in Begleitung Ihrer beiden ehemaligen Schulkameraden und Leibwächter, die Kleriker, Vince und Nico von Thorolund.

She will mention that she and her followers are on a mission, but never reveals the details. Talking with Griggs of Vinheim before she leaves will reveal that she is actually after the Rite of Kindling. Knight Lautrec of Carim will reveal, for a sum of Souls, that her followers have been killed and that she is trapped below, in the Tomb of the Giants.

Reah is later found in the pit that Patches kicks the Chosen Undead down into, requesting that the player defeat her former followers, now Hollowed. After accomplishing this task, she awards the player the Replenishment Miracle and makes her way back to the surface. From this point on she is found in the Undead Parish Church (next to the corpse that possessed the Fire Keeper Soul) and will sell both basic and advanced Miracles to the player.

If Petrus is still alive at this point, he will soon try to assassinate Reah. If not, Reah will remain in the Parish until the player exhausts her wares (except the Talisman), whereupon she will travel to the Duke's Archives and become hollowed there.