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• 2h

So uh...my Gf trashed the place

Forgot she had my housekey so uhhh everything trashed bro. Went out for a workout and everything is everywhere even smashed my precious ps4... I dont even know where tf my matress is
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• 2h


What do you guys think of Sekiro will it bea great or not
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• 6h

Wizard’s Weekly Poll #2

What upcoming game are you the most excited for? Mine is Silksong.
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• 6h

I know I’ve been asking a lot lately, but I’ve been having shit luck.

Would someone be willing to drop me Aldrich’s ruby? I killed the deep accursed in Anor Londo, but died before I could pick it up. When I went back, it was gone. I looked all over that hall top to bottom, to no avail.

We can discuss trades if you like, I have a bunch of armour sets and weapons I’m not gonna use.I
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• 7h

I need a friend

Can someone play dark souls remastered with me on Xbox one? My gamertag is JetpackMonkey6.
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• 7h

Fashion souls for a Roman soldier

Hey! So, I've been thinking about making a Roman themed character, but I couldn't really find any armor that somewhat resembled their armor. What do you guys think I should use? (Btw, I only care about the looks. I don't care whether I die from one hit, as long as I look fabulous)
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• 8h

Clutch Rings

If I wear the Dark Clutch and Magic Clutch Rings, will it do 30% more damage with dark sorceries?
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• 11h

Little story I wrote a bit ago, fixed a few grammar errors. I’d like you guys to check it out!

The world was black, bleak, the very definition, of a void. It didn’t have eyes, so It didn’t have any comprehension of what was around it. It didn’t have ears, so It was oblivious to the passage of the beings of which it owed It’s making. It didn’t have a mouth, so It couldn’t communicate. And nor did It have a body, the thing, just existed. Itself wasn’t even aware It was alive, for It had no consciousness. However, this changed, when, It cannot remember.

“Aren’t you excited?”

It woke, The Being had never experienced this before, well, It had never experienced anything at all really.

“You’re going to be a Fairy, and live in a world where time doesn’t effect you.”

It stretched out, amazed by the ability of the movement, and then more awe that It has the capacity to be amazed! The voice of the God, hummed to the Being. Giving shape to the shapeless, voice to the voiceless and emotions, to the emotionless. When all was said and done, when the Father-Mother ceased He-She’s singing. It was silent. 

It walked to the Creator, the shape formed from pure, golden, virtuous light in the void, and asked He-Her 

“Why am I, and what are you?”

He-She smiled and said “We are alive, and as for why” He-She smiled once more, then, died.

It was grieved, though at the time the feeling was new and unfamiliar, it was no less diminished than what you or I might feel. But It soon stopped It’s own tears, for it had seen then that the Death of the Creator, had brought life. 

All around It, life begun to flourish. colors appeared, swift and furious, dazzling the Being with promises of hope and beauty. It saw green, yellow, blue, red and white. It smelled crisp leaves, fresh grasses, and clean water. It stood there in awe, as trees grew as quickly as if they were made from a flip book. It watched deers begin to bound, rabbits to run, birds to fly and fish to swim! It laughed, blissful and astonished that the Creator would create such a thing. Such a wonderful things! But alas! It couldn’t touch it! Only the earth could the Being feel itself bound himself too. For that, It was sad, It would never feel wet, nor sun or the feeling of the Creatures fur.

But, then It smelled something new again, something the Being didn’t enjoy. It sniffed again, and both curious and angry about the thing that would cause It’s nose to tingle so, It looked around.

And saw gray smoke, rising from trees. It frowned. It had never seen that before, and It found the thing ugly, such a dreadful thing rising from a thing the Being adored. But still curious, It sought out the thing. And what It found surprised It. It found Else, a thing other than Itself and something completely new. But for the first time, the thing wasn’t something It enjoyed seeing.

It saw a Man, cutting a tree, and then two Men, and then a hundred. It started to walk, backwards. It didn’t like what It saw, It saw, more Death. 

It saw Man, and Women, killing the things It loved. It saw the Else-ones consuming those It cherished without a shred of regret at the life being used in such a way. They all sat together and It saw those Rabbits It had longed to catch and pet, have their necks wrung. It saw it all, It didn’t want to see, It wanted to hide, spirit Itself away from those walls, those animals butchering It’s beautiful trees and polluting It’s pretty water. It turned around to run, and saw no more trees. It saw only more, Men and Women cutting down everything, killing everything and, caging everything. It didn’t want this, and as that thought beamed into Its mind It felt the presence of, something new. Something It was afraid of.

Wrath. It didn’t like this feeling, this burning feeling, so It ran

It ran and ran, seemingly without end and as It ran. It found it couldn’t escape Mankind. It was everywhere, and They, were Wrathful. It saw as It ran devastation, both of It’s beloved creatures. 

And of each other. It saw blood, carnage, brutality, and enslavement. 

Death, beget Death beget Death beget Death.

It was shocked, grieved, and it felt hopelessness. Surely this isn’t what the Creator wanted! Surely this isn’t what He-She had hoped to accomplish! It saw fewer and fewer beauties to be found in the world. And as time began to slow the explosive start, It saw only more and more of the obliteration of the world It had once held so dearly. 

Was this the answer? It wondered. Why It existed? To see this? It pondered on this for a while, It struggled to find an answer for this. But as the Being thought back on it’s conversation with He-She, It understood.

This was life. Harsh beauty. 

It understood why now. It didn’t have to like it, but It had to accept the idea as truth. As soon as this was realized It saw with new eyes. It decided to find the beauty in everything, even if it was in Death. It realized It may not touch Mankind. Yet It realized It could still effect it. 

So, It died.

And with Its death, came compassion, wisdom, leadership, and morals. Just like He-She had done for It. It died so they could see what It had seen, feel, what It had felt. And believe, what It had believed. 

And so, It changed Mankind by giving them the ability to choose. 

To go with their primal, savage behavior that was common to oh so many of them. 

Or to go with rationality, and peace, traits that were found lacking in the first of the Else. Ones of which It had at first felt the presence of Wrath for. 

Man did not waste this gift. And when the first of Them began to see, they preached what they saw, and what they felt. More, and more change happened to Man, changes for the better.

Thus began a new age. A new era, and a new hope.

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• 17h

I need help once more

So ive been playin ds2 and found this black door with gold paterns on it, whenever i touch it a popup comes and tells me to produse the symbol of the first king?

What is this and what should i do. Ps im new
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• 20h

Real Faces in game

How do I make real faces in the character creation menu? I want to make my friends' faces but the system is so big and has too many options I don't know where to start. Any advice will help✌️
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• 1d

Warriors of sunlight

Can you get sunlight medals from invading with cracked red eye orbs
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• 1d

How to friend

Can anyone explain how to friend someone one here I skipped the tutorial on accident.
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• 1d


Will companions and souls reward me with regular rings in ng+ or upgraded rings? I’m asking because I fucked Sirris’ questline up.
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• 1d

I’m wondering...

Should I get dark souls 2? I’ve played the third and first one but I never got around to playing the second one.
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• 1d


Dark Souls Remastered and DS1 in general is a masterpiece. I’ve played every other DS game through and through vs all the bosses. And I just today completed my first full boss playthrough of DS1R and HOLY CRAP IT WAS AMAZING. I played through with the grave lord sword, that dragon greatsword, green crest shield, and the silver knight set. Pretty much a strength build. And it was an amazing experience. And I’m not going to stop playing DS1Remastered, it’s a MASTERPIECE. ^_^
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• 1d

Anyone wanna play? Low lvl or high lvl doesn't matter

Willing to do any area, boss or pvp.
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• 1d

Someone give me a 24 hour ban or something

My gf done lost her shit thinking I'm cheating (I'm not) and she is gonna do what she did last time probably go on my phone and post wierd shit or sonething so ban me from posting plz
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• 2d


Hella bad at Dark souls 3, new to the game but briefly played Dark souls 2 so I'm basically a beginner. Can someone recommend a good build I can aim for as well as which stats I should raise more then others. (Hopefully strength, if you put DEX then thanks but no)
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• 2d

A sequel to a great souls-like game was announced today.

That's right kids.


supEr mArio maker amirite lads?
^ only intellectuals will understand this.
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• 2d

Help me

Help me I am a beginner in the dark souls series and is shit in this game help me beat the bosses
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